Kindergartens, Daycare Centers in Taichung Ready to Reopen 警戒降級 中市首波開放幼園.托嬰.社福.長照

Kindergartens, daycare centers and social welfare centers including nursing homes in Taichung will lead the way in reopening on the 27th. Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen stressed that the city will take a careful progressive approach in relaxing COVID restrictions. 

In Taichung City, kindergartens, and daycare centers are getting ready to reopen on the 27th. Teachers are busy setting up UV lamps in the classrooms and disinfecting tables and chairs with rubbing alcohol. Strict COVID-19 preventative measures are followed.

Kindergarten teacher:"Teachers will be at the entrance taking children's temperature and cleaning their hands with disinfectant sprays before other teachers lead the children to their classrooms (without parents accompanying)."

As the current Level 3 Alert will be downgraded on the 27, Taichung City plans to first reopen kindergartens, daycare centers and social welfare centers including nursing homes. Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen arrived at a kindergarten for inspection. She emphasized that citizens should still abide by the same COVID prevention rules despite the downgrade of the current Level 3 Alert.

Lu Shiow-yen, Taichung City Mayor:"We are not lifting COVID restrictions for the sake of lifting them so our lives can just go back to normal; we hope to make steady progress by relaxing these restrictions one step at a time."

Lu also said that kindergartens and related institutions that wish to reopen after the central government makes an official announcement of COVID alert downgrade would have to apply first and to pass the government's inspection before they can do so. The Taichung City Education Bureau said that there are 765 kindergartens registered in the city, and 92 percent of teachers hired have been vaccinated. Those who haven't had a chance to get vaccinated will be required to provide negative rapid test results.

Yang Chen-sheng, Director-General, Education Bureau, Taichung:"Teachers have to be vaccinated with at least one dose. Those who have not yet been able to receive vaccination would be asked to provide a negative rapid test result that was performed within three days."

Taichung resident:"We don't go out really. We just stay at home to take care of our kids, we don't get to go out."

Some parents have been longing to send children back to school for proper learning and longing to have some relief from take care of their children all day long. The Taichung City Government again stresses to the public that although COVID restrictions are gradually being lifted, people should still practice proper preventative measures to avoid getting sick. 







台中市長 盧秀燕表示:「我們不會為解封而解封,我們採取穩健式的鬆綁,漸進式解封,要小心翼翼。」


台中市教育局長 楊振昇表示:「施打第一劑疫苗(或是還沒打的),他們就要提供三天以內的快篩陰性證明。」