Taipei City Councilor Submits Petition to Recall Freddy Lim 萬華兩股力量 推動連署罷免立委林昶佐

A recall petition targeting independent lawmaker Freddy Lim has collected  4,300 signatures and was delivered to the Central Election Commission. Taipei City Councilor Chung Hsiao-ping made an appearance with the initiator of the petition, accusing Lim of not doing his job as a lawmaker during the outbreak. 

People are casting aspersions on us, calling it the "Wanhua Virus" and blaming Wanhua. Wanhua is represented by one legislator: Freddy Lim, who had the gall to praise the ruling party. He is a political eunuch shamelessly currying favor with the ruling party and Chen Shih-chung. We're done with him.

The commission will have 25 days to review the petition and the organizer of the petition will have another month to collect the 24,000 signatures required for the next phase. As there is more than one petition underway to recall Lim, Chung hopes the groups can join forces during the second phase. Lim has not responded to the petitions.



台北市議員 鍾小平:「大家汙衊我們說,是萬華病毒,汙衊萬華是破口。而唯一的立委、在地的萬華立委林昶佐,竟然還護航執政黨,他根本是個政治小李子,然後討好賣乖,現場來護航陳時中,所以我們認為,這樣子的立委是非常不適任的。」