Night Market in Kenting to Reopen on Trial Basis 墾丁夜市防疫預演 明晚起試營運3天

Kenting Night Market is reopening on a limited trial basis. An epidemic prevention drill was held on July 15 ahead of the reopening. There are now quotas on the number of stalls and visitors, a required distance between stalls, and limited entrances and exits.

Kenting has eased the autonomous restrictions that have been in place for two months, allowing vendors to get back to work. The local night market, a popular tourist destination, held an epidemic prevention drill on July 15 ahead of its trial reopening on July 16.

Vendor1:”We can barely make a living. (You're going to be forced to eat dirt soon.) Yes.”

Vendor2:” What's there to stress about? It's been like this for over two months now. I'm numb.”

Apart from daily disinfection, a distance of 1.5 meters between stalls will be required. The number of stalls will also be capped at 200. The 1-kilometer long market will only have two entrances and exits, and anyone that enters will have to have their temperature taken and complete contact tracing registration. In addition, there will be a visitor quota of 1,000.

Vendor3:” We will follow the central government's regulations. Really looking forward to the reopening day but a bit nervous too.”

Although night markets around the island are gradually resuming business with takeout service, Kenting's night market decided to wait until now to reopen. The township office says it will ensure all regulations are being met during the three-day trial reopening and the status of the market will be reviewed 




攤商1:「快過不下去了啦生活。(都快吃土了) 對啊。」