Woman Launches Tirade over Vaccine 女兒沒預約無法接種 母不聽解釋現場咆哮

A Tainan woman began screaming inside a local health center after the medical personnel refused to vaccinate her 20-something daughter, who was not shortlisted for a vaccine. The woman has been fined for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act.

Police were called after this woman began screaming at the medical staff. On July 13, the woman brought her 20-something daughter to Tainan's West Central District Health Center. She demanded a vaccine, saying her daughter is traveling abroad. As she did not have an appointment, staff explained the daughter could not get a vaccine. The woman lost it, hurling verbal abuse at the workers. 

The police had to be called, but she refused to listen to them as well. In the end, she was fined for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act.

Ho Chia-ching, Chief, Haian Police Station:”She lost control of herself and began screaming at everyone. Officers tried to calm her down but to no avail. The woman was affecting other people with her conduct and she was therefore charged with violating the Social Order Maintenance Act.”

Staff at the center say the central appointment system is very convenient and anyone will get their vaccine once registered. They also say front-line medical workers are under a great deal of stress and they hope citizens won't take their frustrations out on them.

Ms. Lin, Head Nurse, West Central District Health Center, Tainan:”We ask that everyone stay rational. Once you register, you can choose where you want to get your shot. It's very convenient.”

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced on July 13 that anyone over 18 can now register their "willingness to get a vaccine" on the central government's registration platform to get notified when their vaccination category becomes eligible.




台南市警第二分局海安派出所所長 何家慶:「現場情緒失控,有大聲咆哮的情形,經過警方現場多次勸阻不聽。婦人行為在公共場所,因為大聲喧嘩已嚴重影響到他人,本分局依違反社會秩序維護法移送偵辦。」


台南中西區衛生所 林護理長:「還是呼籲一下民眾保持一下理性,登記完之後就可以選擇。你想要預約的診所,現在都非常方便。」