Illegal Foreign Workers Denied Vaccine 市場移工打疫苗 議員:現場造冊嚇跑移工

Numerous foreign workers went to Taipei City Hospital Zhongxiao Branch to get vaccinated. However, some were denied the vaccine because they are illegal workers.

Those from Taipei Livestock Products Marketing Corp., come to the head of the line. Come to the head of the line. Come to the head of the line.

Taipei Livestock Products Marketing Corp. employees, livestock wholesale market vendors, and foreign workers went to Taipei City Hospital Zhongxiao Branch to get vaccinated. Both nationals and foreigners had to show their national health insurance card to receive the vaccine. Some of the workers only had photos, so they were denied the vaccine.

The IC card is required. If you don't have one, go downstairs and sit in the car.

Are you disappointed? Or asking why this happened? I'm sorry, I'm Vietnamese, I don't understand you. I don't know how to speak, sorry, sorry. You came here today to get vaccinated, right? Yes.

The fallout from the Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corp. cluster infection continues to spread. The city government decided to vaccinate those working at wholesale markets, including those markets for agricultural products, fish, livestock, and flowers and plants. Huannan Market workers were also included on the list. Taipei City Councilor Alan Lee received a tip that Taipei City Hospital Zhongxiao Branch had prepared 200 doses on June 23. It then discovered that some of the foreign workers were undocumented, and notified the Department of Labor to come and compile a list. As a result, nearly 100 people departed the hospital. In the end, the hospital only administered 81 doses, less than half. In response, the hospital denied the allegations.

Some of the employers of the foreign workers failed to come to assist us in confirming identities. The hospital discussed what to do to ensure that the second dose could be administered in the future, to ensure that we would be able to contact those involved.

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je said in mid-May that "illegal foreign workers" would be granted a special pardon. Has the situation changed? Taipei Livestock Products Marketing Corp. said the policy hasn't changed.

The reason is not that they're afraid of getting caught or something like that.

Of course the majority of foreign workers will get vaccines, but some don't have identification cards or national health insurance cards. (What percentage do not?) A lot.

We will arrange for those who don't have national health insurance cards to use their passports to get vaccinated.

Sales agencies and slaughterhouses both employ foreign workers. Their work ensures the smooth operations of the domestic agricultural and livestock industry value chain. Taipei Livestock Products Marketing Corp. said the Taipei City Department of Health will assist foreign workers without NHI cards to get vaccinated.






記者 vs. 外籍移工表示:「(會不會覺得很失望? 或是覺得說,為什麼會這樣?) 抱歉,我是越南人,我聽不懂,不會講話,抱歉,抱歉。(那你今天原本是要來打疫苗,對不對?) 對、對、對。」


北市聯合醫院忠孝院區院長 陳修聖表示:「因部分移工雇主,未到場協助確認身分,院方內部商議協助方法,以確保日後第二劑疫苗施打,能連繫當事人。」


台北畜產公司總經理 林玲玲表示:「怕被抓或什麼,不是這個原因。」

台北畜產公司相關人員表示:「移工當然大部分都會打,可是就是沒有身分證,沒有健保卡。(人數占得多不多?) 很多喔!」