Two Next TV Employees Sent to Quarantine Camp 壹電視2員工陰轉陽 後送集中檢疫所 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Two Next TV Employees Sent to Quarantine Camp 壹電視2員工陰轉陽 後送集中檢疫所

Two NEXT TV employees that got negative rapid screening results tested positive on PCR tests and were taken to the central quarantine camp.

After a dead photojournalist was found at Next TV and tested positive for COVID-19 posthumously, an additional 366 rapid screening tests were administered. Multiple people, including anchors and reporters, tested positive initially but got negative results on subsequent PCR tests. The reverse was also true, with a photojournalist and a satellite news gathering technician that tested negative on rapid screening testing positive on PCR tests. The two employees have been sent to the central quarantine camp.
Eleven people over in SNG are currently under home quarantine and working from home for now. It hasn't become a serious situation at this point.

The Taipei City Government assisted with rapid screening. We should finish screening all company employees today or tomorrow. The Central Epidemic Command Center and Taipei City Government will continue asking people to quarantine when necessary.
The Taipei City Department of Health is in the process of contact tracing. The company's union is irate over Next TV deciding not to set up a response team and provide the public with relevant information. It says some employees who had contact with the dead photojournalist have not been put on the list of rapid testing. In addition, a senior Lion Travel and Xin Media executive has died of COVID-19. The company said it had divided its employees in two groups since the outbreak and had them work at different locations to mitigate the risk. The executive was working out of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park office and not at the company's Neihu headquarters. Her coworkers are currently awaiting their test results.
(Rapid screening reagent) products are approved by the FDA. If problems arise with products that you approved, you have to take responsibility. Who is going to take responsibility for this?
According to the Central Epidemic Command Center, 246 positive rapid screening tests that came back between May 21 and May 26 produced 132 positive PCR test results. This was a six-day positivity rate of 53.6 percent. However, there was a 0 percent positivity rate on the PCR tests of cluster-infection cases. Lawmakers are questioning how reliable the government's rapid screening tests are.
We are already receiving applications from companies and we are trying to review them as soon as possible so that people can get this kind of (rapid-screening kits).

The Food and Drug Administration says it will demand explanations from test kit supplier if there is evidence of something wrong.
壹電視工會副理事長 鄭一平表示:「SNG那邊,目前匡列11個人居家隔離,就是暫時在家裡面工作,並沒有上升到比較嚴重的狀況。」
疫情指揮中心副指揮官 陳宗彥表示:「台北市政府,有協助去做全面的這個篩檢,那應該是今天,還是明天,會全部完成該公司的這個全面篩檢。指揮中心跟台北市政府,都會持續去就這個企業體本身,該匡列的部分,會去做匡列。」
時代力量立委 陳椒華表示:「(快篩試劑)產品的確是食藥署審查通過的,那你們通過的產品,如果出了問題,那要負責任,這個責任要誰負?」
衛福部食藥署醫妝組副組長 錢嘉宏表示:「那現在已經有廠商來送件,那我們也以最快方式審查,讓民眾可以去取得這類(快篩試劑)。」