Hualien Hotels Requiring Real-name Registration 疫情升溫 端午連假花蓮旅宿業湧退訂潮 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Hualien Hotels Requiring Real-name Registration 疫情升溫 端午連假花蓮旅宿業湧退訂潮

Due to COVID-19, Hualien hotels are busy processing cancellations for the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend. 

Hualien hotels are busy disinfecting. They are also requiring real-name registration at check-in. Employees that are feeling unwell are asked to stay home. However, guests are canceling or postponing their reservations for the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend.

Originally, hotels had an occupancy rate of 50-60 percent. They were close to being fully booked. Right now, 50 percent of reservations have been canceled for the long weekend. The occupancy rate right now is around 30 percent.
Schools have also canceled graduation trips. One school that was already in the middle of their trip was asked to return to Hualien. Many students were disappointed.
I've been waiting (for this trip) for six years, so I'm kind of depressed.
We know our teachers really care about our safety and health and that's why they were forced to cut the trip short.
Money is nothing. What's most important is for the children to return home safely.
The Department of Education says all elementary and junior high school graduation trips and field trips before June 8 have to be postponed or canceled. The fate of graduation ceremonies remains unknown at present time.
花蓮縣旅館公會 理事長 張琄菡表示:「原本這個時期,其實各飯店都已經落點在五成、六成左右,其實接近客滿。這是我們算是連假的話,那目前我們已經退房,都已經高達五成,所以我們剩下的住宿率,大概落點在三成左右而已。」
花蓮華大附小校長 鮑明鈞表示:「錢是小事,孩子能夠安全回來是最重要的。」