Taiwan Recalls F-16s for Upgrades 我6架F-16戰機自美返台 傳美軍加油機隨行

M. Chuang
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Six of Taiwan's F-16 fighter jets that were originally in Arizona have arrived in Hualien after refueling aerially en route. The jets will undergo upgrades. One scholar says international cooperation is the main focus of a new draft white paper released by Japan.

The F-16 in the photo bears the number 6621. The ROC Air Force has recalled F-16s to Taiwan from Arizona for upgrades. According to a military expert, the F-16s transited in Honolulu on their way to the Air Force base in Hualien.
The media has reported that our F-16 fighter jets trained in the US go somewhere after refueling. I think that we air force are unaware of this information.
Six F-16s flew over 10,000 kilometers to Taiwan with eight aerial refuelings. Analysts say Taiwan's flight personnel have the technical abilities needed for aerial refueling. The military says 141 F-16A/Bs will be upgraded to F-16Vs in 2023. With regards to the meeting between US and Japanese leaders in April and statements made about stability in the Taiwan Strait, experts say Taiwan's status in the island chain will be upgraded.
So, they are feeling more and more insecure and worried about the Taiwan Strait. I think this is a trend. In other words, Japan will be paying more and more attention to the Taiwan Strait. They kind of want to see which way the wind is blowing. On the other hand, they don't want to make any sudden moves that would surprise China.
Under the terms in the draft agreement, the US will sell Taiwan weapons when the military balance in the Taiwan Strait is in China's favor. Ding Shuh-fan says if China takes Taiwan by force, Japan's energy transport will be affected. According to Ding, the draft released by Japan first stresses international cooperation and second serves as a warning to China to stop expanding its military presence in the Taiwan Strait.
空軍發言人 陳國華表示:「媒體所報導的,我們在美國受訓的戰機,如何?如何?經過加油,到了這個什麼地方去?我想這些訊息,我們基本上,空軍我們是一無所悉。」
政治大學名譽教授 丁樹範表示:「所以在台海,他們會覺得越來越不安,越來越有很多的擔心,所以我覺得這是一個趨勢。就是說,日本對台海的關注程度,會越來越高,感覺上有點在測風向。那一方面就是說,避免突然釋出,讓中國大陸覺得很意外。」