G7 Foreign Ministers Statement Mentions Taiwan G7外長會議批北京霸凌 挺台加入WHO

The G7 foreign ministers summit in London ended on May 5. A joint communique that was released accused China of being a bully and expressed support for Taiwan's meaningful participation in the World Health Organisation and World Health Assembly.

The G7 foreign ministers issued a joint communique following the conclusion of their summit in London. The statement attacked China and Russia, including criticizing China as a bully. Taiwan was also mentioned twice. The first statement was "We support Taiwan's meaningful participation in World Health Organisation forums and the World Health Assembly. The international community should be able to benefit from the experience of all partners, including Taiwan's successful contribution to the tackling of the COVID-19 pandemic." The second was "We underscore the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and encourage the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues. We reiterate our strong opposition to any unilateral actions that could escalate tensions and undermine regional stability and the international rules-based order." This was the first time that a G7 statement had mentioned the Taiwan Strait problem.

The G7 has underscored the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait for the first time and expressed strong support for Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to express our highest welcome and sincerest gratitude.
The statement also said collective actions will be taken to block China's "coercive economic policies." The Taiwan Strait issue was previously mentioned in the joint declaration issued after the US-Japan summit meeting. Scholars say the US government is actively seeking allies and promoting an anti-China, pro-Taiwan stance.
This may reflect that the degree of concern and interest that the US and some of its partners and allies place on the Taiwan Strait situation is increasing.
China's Global Times newspaper criticized the Biden administration for having double standards and its efforts to incite hostility towards China on issues such as Xinjiang and Hong Kong from the American society and Western nations, and said it was worse than the Trump administration. It also warned the US that it is playing with fire by embellishing the Chinese threat and ganging up with allies.
G7外長會議在倫敦舉行,會後發表聯合公報,也公開抨擊中國與俄羅斯,並且指責北京當局是霸凌者,其中更有2點提及台灣,包括 "支持台灣有意義地參加WHO,以及WHA,包括台灣在對抗新冠疫情的成功貢獻",並強調台灣海峽和平與穩定的重要性,鼓勵和平解決兩岸問題;重申強烈反對對任何可能升高緊張局勢、破壞區域穩定以及國際法治秩序的單方面行動,這也是G7首次公開提及台海問題。
外交部發言人 歐江安表示:「首度納入G7,重視台灣海峽和平穩定,並且表達對於台灣的一個強勁的支持。外交部,我們表達高度的歡迎,跟誠摯的感謝。」
淡江大學戰略所副教授 李大中表示:「背後可能也是反映出,美國還有一些美國的夥伴跟盟友們,對台海情勢的關切跟關注的程度,是持續的增加當中。」