Fujian Announces Resumption of Mini-Three Links 福建5/10起放寬小三通檢疫 金門縣長贊成 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Fujian Announces Resumption of Mini-Three Links 福建5/10起放寬小三通檢疫 金門縣長贊成

Fujian Province announced it would conditionally allow people from Taiwan to enter starting May 10, without having to quarantine. The Mainland Affairs Council said it is still reviewing the reinstatement of the mini-three links.

The "mini-three links" between Taiwan's Kinmen County and China's Xiamen and Quanzhou have been closed since Feb. 10, 2020 because of the pandemic. Fujian Province has announced it will conditionally lift entry restrictions for people from Taiwan on May 10.
Anyone that has not left Kinmen or Matsu for 28 days will be able to enter Fujian without quarantining. Residents of Taiwan proper can also apply for entry, after which they can fly to Xiamen. Those entering this way will have to be centrally quarantined for two days and complete 19 days of "home-work medical observation."
The Kinmen County Government is very optimistic about this demonstration of goodwill. We support the conditional lifting of restrictions when prevention measures are in place.
Kinmen County Magistrate Yang Chen-wu applauded the move, and called on the Tsai administration to help Kinmen's economy and demonstrate goodwill by reinstating the mini-three links if medical preconditions can be met. However, the Mainland Affairs Council would only say it is still reviewing the move.
The mainland has adjusted prevention measures for designated groups on our side. Will this damage our prevention efforts? Can cross-strait and mini-three link exchanges be resumed in a normal way? Relevant government agencies have to review all the potential consequences of their decision.
The council also said it will listen to the Central Epidemic Command Center's expert opinion and monitor the global situation to decide if the links should be reinstated.
金門縣長 楊鎮浯表示:「金門縣政府樂見這樣的一個善意,因為金門縣政府,也一直不斷地在呼籲,當疫情可控,或者是在防疫的這些準備,都能夠充分準備的情況之下,我們贊成有條件地解禁。」
陸委會副主委 邱垂正表示:「陸方單方面,對於我方特定的對象,調整防疫措施,是否會造成我們防疫形成衝擊,以及對兩岸及小三通,恢復正常有序的交流,產生各種影響,還是需要由相關的主管機關評估。」