IKEA Opening Draws Huge Crowds IKEA敦化店熄燈 全新內湖店開幕人潮現

IKEA opened its new store in Neihu on Apr. 28. The opening attracted huge crowds, and sparked concerns about weekend traffic congestion. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je even expressed concerns. The city's Department of Transportation says it will propose a plan to counter crowds. The store has 540 parking spaces and will also operate shuttle buses.

IKEA's store opening in Neihu attracted huge crowds on the 28th.

Of course it's more convenient. You can buy everything you need at the same time.
I heard the store is really big. I just wanted to look at the eating area. (Do you feel like the traffic is really bad?) That's to be expected. You can't prevent that.
The head of IKEA Taiwan says the Neihu store is committed to environmental protection. Ko Wen-je also said he wants to promote the sharing economy, which includes furnished public housing rentals. The street the store is located on is home to numerous big box stores, including Costco and Carrefour. Weekend traffic congestion is therefore concerning to Ko.
I'm very worried about Neihu traffic. Will the store opening (make it worse)?
In the future, we hope visitors can use Xinhu Second Road to get to Xingai Road before turning on to Xinhu First Road to reach our parking lot. We have 540 parking spaces and an additional 232 for scooters.
Deputy Taipei City Mayor Huang Shan-shan says the Department of Transportation will draw up a traffic plan and IKEA has also agreed to operate shuttle buses.
民眾 黃女士表示:「這樣當然比較方便,要什麼一起買就好。」
民眾 林女士表示:「聽說賣場很大,看看吃的地方。(會不會覺得這個交通很塞?) 那一定的啊,免不了的,一定會塞。」
台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我很擔心內湖的交通,會不會因為這個店開幕以後,我想一定會有很多人來看。」
IKEA傳播溝通經理 吳語涵表示:「未來我們希望引導車輛,要從新湖二路轉行愛路,再轉新湖一路,再進入到停車場部分。目前停車場會有540個停車位,232個機車車位。」