Han Kuang Exercise Debuts on Apr. 23 漢光37號兵推今登場 8天7夜史上最長

The annual Han Kuang military exercise opened on the 23rd. This year's exercise will be eight days and seven nights, the longest in history, to simulate every possible PRC attack on Taiwan.

The annual Han Kuang military exercise debuted on the 23rd. This year's exercise will be eight days and seven nights, the longest in history. The Ministry of National Defense says the exercise will be a 24-hour "compound exercise" simulating an attack by China.

Factors include what's going on internationally, political situations, economic situations, etc. There may also be assistance from military allies or joint operations.
The format of the exercise varies from year to year. In 2017, F-35s and other new fighter jets were involved. Starting in 2018, the "future" premise was dropped and a current Taiwan Strait crisis premise was adopted. In 2019, the focus was "fake news" combat with China. Last year, central Taiwan was incorporated. The live-fire portion of the exercise will be held in July with 8,000 reserve soldiers participating. The US was not invited to observe for the second consecutive year due to the pandemic.

On the 22nd, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology test-fired an "infinite height" missile in Taitung. Following past test firings, People's Liberation Army ships would invariably be spotted off of Orchid Island. This did not happen this year. Taiwan's military says this was probably due to weather.

It probably got to an altitude of 40,000 to 50,000 feet. That's very close to the so-called anti-ballistic missiles.
According to the Fisheries Agency, the institute will be holding test-firings off Taiwan's southeastern coast on four days between the 22nd and 29th. A US official had no comment when asked if the US would sell AGM-158 missiles to Taiwan.
Our support for Taiwan is rock-solid. We continue to have a dialogue with Taiwan.
Ned Price would only say the US would continue partnering with its partners to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.
國防研究院戰略所長 蘇紫雲表示:「國際情勢還有政治狀況,還有經濟情勢等等,這種情境想定,也可能就是包括友軍一些協防,或是聯合行動。」
國防研究院戰略所長 蘇紫雲表示:「它大概射高4萬公尺到5萬公尺左右,很接近所謂的天弓三增程型(飛彈)。」
美國國務院發言人 普萊斯表示:「我國對台灣的支持堅若磐石,我們持續在相關議題上和台灣交流。」