AZ Vaccines Available to Those That Want to Pay 自費AZ疫苗預約反應熱烈 今首日開打

Apr. 21 was the first day that citizens can pay out of pocket to get an AZ vaccine and reservation lists were full at medical centers and hospitals. Far Eastern Memorial Hospital began administering the first of an estimated 160 vaccines in the morning. Most people that got the shot said the side effects associated with AZ vaccines are worth the risk and they feel it's safer to get the shot before travelling.

Patients are asked to sign the payment and consent form at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital before getting an AZ vaccine, which costs them NT$600 per shot. Mr. Hung, who frequently travels for work, was the first patient in line.
If we come get the shot on the first day, we can see what side effects develop before the next time we travel so we don't develop side effects while overseas.
Hung says he wanted to get the vaccine before the next time he had to travel overseas. The hospital estimated it would give around 160 shots on the first day.
We are coordinating with different doctors in case people who get the shot develop side effects, so they can get treated as soon as possible.
I hope the government can make more vaccines available.
Most of the medical centers and hospitals administering vaccines had full reservation slots the first day. Hualien Hospital has opened a morning out-of-pocket vaccination clinic running from Mondays to Saturdays. Vaccines cost NT$436 each.
Of course I have concerns (about safety), but I've done my homework. I've read online and magazine articles about how the risk of (side effects) is really low.
Although people eligible for a free AZ vaccine were generally unwilling to get the shot, those that have to travel for work, school or medical treatment seem more than willing to get the vaccine despite having to pay for it. The Central Epidemic Command Center says it may or may not release more vaccines based on supply.
民眾 洪先生表示:「因為我們如果在第一天過來打,然後可以先觀察整個後續的情況,萬一有副作用的話,不會說,出了國之後,然後還要去請求國外的救援。」
亞東醫院家庭醫學科醫師 翁資閔表示:「民眾有反映說,就是想要再掛號。然後所以我們一直有在協調不同的醫師,然後可以先過來支援,然後都有加開診次。」
民眾 蘇先生表示:「希望政府可以放寬更多的額度。」