Cloud-seeding at Zengwen Has Brought Only 4.8mm Rain 曾文水庫人工增雨 放2焰劑僅降雨4.8毫米 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Cloud-seeding at Zengwen Has Brought Only 4.8mm Rain 曾文水庫人工增雨 放2焰劑僅降雨4.8毫米

The ongoing drought in Central and South Taiwan was not relieved by the sporadic rain on April 18. A cloud-seeding operation was carried out at the Zengwen Reservoir in the hope to enhance precipitation, but the result was only 4.8 millimetres of rainfall. 

On April 18, the Southern Region Water Resources Office performed a cloud seeding operation at the Zengwen Reservoir in the hopes to enhance rainfall to relieve the ongoing drought. However, the effort produced little effect with only 4.8 millimetres of rainfall. On the same day, the afternoon's thermal convection had led to a short period of rainfall at the Sun Moon Lake in Nantou and the downtown areas in Pingtung but the lack of abundance in precipitation did not relieve the ongoing drought in the central and southern Taiwan.
We put two batches of cloud-seeding agents at 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m.. The precipitation was enhanced by 4.8 millimetres, however, the amount was not able to help to increase the water capacity at the reservoir. We would still carry out cloud-seeding operations whenever the weather conditions permit.

A "stone piano" made its appearance at the Wushantou Reservoir due to the dry spell. One can see in the footage that the earthy yellow concrete which looks like a grand piano, is sitting on the edge of a sandbank. This used to be the foundation of a pavilion, but the pavilion had collapsed over a decade ago due to its foundation being eroded. Now all that was left is the so-called "stone piano" buried deep in the ground.
I was told that there used to be a pavilion here and the stone piano used to be the structure of its foundation. The water level would need to be down to 53 meters for the stone piano to emerge, now the current water level is at 51.5 meters.
The rare sight just proved the severity of the ongoing drought. The Southern Region Water Resources Office stressed that sporadic rain doesn't provide much help with the recent dry spell, it would take more than 100 millimetres of rainfall to provide relief. While the public is reminded to conserve water, the Water Resource Office reassured that the reservoirs in southern Taiwan have enough water to supply everyone until the end of June.
南區水資源局副局長 鄒漢貴表示:「下午一點半跟兩點,放了兩隻焰劑,那當然它所增加的雨量,昨天大概增加了 下了4.8毫米。其實這個水量的話,當然對水庫的助益不大。只要有天氣的狀況適合的話,我們都會把握每一個時機(人工增雨)。」
農田署烏山頭分處股長 林文斌表示:「另一個講法,就是它是一個以前這裡有個涼亭,它是涼亭基礎的結構,目前水位是標高51.5。那大概要水位降到53左右,它才會稍微露出來。」