Presidential Office Says Wastewater Memo Is Fake 日將排核廢水 民團赴日台交流協會抗議 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Presidential Office Says Wastewater Memo Is Fake 日將排核廢水 民團赴日台交流協會抗議

Reports have been circulating on the internet, claiming Taiwan will accept radioactive wastewater from Japan and assist in processing it. The Presidential Office says it's a fake report and urges netizens not to believe or further spread it around.

In two years, Japan will start dumping diluted nuclear wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the Pacific Ocean. The Presidential Office says a Presidential Office document circulating among netizens that Taiwan will accept wastewater from Japan is "fake news."
We are not talking about who made this up or who intentionally distorted facts or who started it.  We have called the police and they will handle it. We remind everyone that this did not come from the Presidential Office and you shouldn't believe it or keep spreading it around.
The Presidential Office says there are five "obvious mistakes" in the document, including the recipient, "The Republic of China Ministry of National Defense"; the style of writing; the appearance of some simplified characters in the document; and the absence of a Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office. The Presidential Office says some expressions of the document were clearly not written by a Taiwanese person. It also says this is a classic case of someone trying to deceive the public; that it has called the police; and that netizens should stop spreading it around.
Respect the citizens of the world and revoke this decision.
On the 16th, civic groups gathered outside the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association in protest. The groups said Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga knows dumping nuclear wastewater will harm marine life and called on the association to hand over their letter of protest to the Japanese government.
Our fish, oceans and the entire eco-system are being contaminated.
Kuomintang lawmakers also called on the Tsai administration to issue a condemnation of the Japanese government, but the motion was pulled from the agenda before the second reading.
總統府發言人 Kolas Yotaka表示:「我們不評論到底是誰製作的,誰刻意扭曲的,或誰開始傳的。現在就是報案處理,希望可以由警方來釐清真相,提醒大家,這不是總統府發出的公文。那大家不要相信,也不要再傳。」
勞動黨副主席 王娟萍表示:「我們的魚受污染了,海洋也受污染了,整個生態受污染了。」