Farmers Adversely Affected by Carton Shortage 近期國內紙箱短缺 影響蔬果農產品運銷 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Farmers Adversely Affected by Carton Shortage 近期國內紙箱短缺 影響蔬果農產品運銷

The carton shortage in Taiwan is affecting the distribution and transport of agricultural products. The government has coordinated 3 largest papermakers in Taiwan to solve the issue.

Fresh agricultural produce is normally transported to markets in cartons. Every year, Taiwan uses 180 million cartons for this purpose. Demand for cartons has risen as of late, which is affecting the supply allocated to farmers. A lack of cartons may affect the quality of agricultural produce. There are currently not enough cartons for the transport and distribution of beefsteak tomatoes, green peppers, pineapples, mangoes, and bananas. At present, 16 agricultural cooperatives, about 20 to 30 percent of the total, are facing shortages.

They're unable to purchase a large amount of cartons to stockpile, resulting in this short-term, highly intense pressure.
On April 13, the Executive Yuan convened a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Council of Agriculture, and the Paper Box Commercial United Association, as well as the three largest papermakers, YFY Inc., Cheng Loong, and Long Cheng Paper to discuss this issue. The companies agreed to lend their assistance and prioritize the supply of cartons for the agricultural industry. The COA will serve as the coordinator and inform the companies of the demand on a weekly basis.
The plan is to inform the three papermakers on Fridays, and they will prioritize the manufacturing.
The COA will also work with farmers' co-ops to establish official carton standards for different fruits and vegetables in order to accelerate the speed of carton manufacturing and increase the supply. Farmers will be able to stick their own logos on the cartons.
農委會副主委 陳駿季表示:「它沒有辦法一次預購一些紙箱去儲存,所以它會產生這些短時間的一些高強度的壓力。」
農委會副主委 陳駿季表示:「預計是每一個禮拜五,會提交給三大紙廠,由他們來優先製作。」