Number 8 Carriage of Train Removed from Tunnel 第8節車廂受損最慘 切割隧道邊角拖出 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Number 8 Carriage of Train Removed from Tunnel 第8節車廂受損最慘 切割隧道邊角拖出

The last carriage of the Taroko Express train was extracted from Qingshui Tunnel on April 6. It will take two weeks to verify the safety of the tunnel.

Workers worked through the night alongside diesel trucks and excavators to extract the number eight carriage of the Taroko Express train that crashed in Hualien on April 2 from Qingshui Tunnel. This was the carriage that had the most number of casualties. It was finally pulled out of the tunnel late on April 6.

The carriage was placed on a bogie and towed away. It could be seen that the front of the carriage, which was traveling in the direction of Hualien, had been sheared in half. There were also numerous marks on the body of the carriage, and glass windows were shattered. This carriage sustained the most damage in the accident.

The carriage was violently hit and compressed in the accident, leaving it completely deformed. It no longer had a drive shaft or bogie. The accident essentially turned it into scrap iron. Engineers had to cut off parts of the tunnel wall in order to remove all the parts of the carriage.

Transportation and Communications Minister Lin Chia-lung arrived at the site at around 11 p.m. to oversee the work. He spoke with workers about the pace of the work to clear the tunnel. It will take two weeks’ time to check the structural safety of the tunnel, which means it won’t reopen to traffic until April 20 at the earliest.