Water Rationing Measures Start in Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua 供5停2 苗.中.北彰今啟動分區限水

G. Chen
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Water rationing measures have began in Central Taiwan where it will be suspended two days on a weekly basis. 347 water supply stations have been set up to help residents in need, which doesn't stop vendors from worrying about their livelihood.

There are many buckets filled with water in front of the food stand. Water is now very precious, and vendors would use it not only to clean the seafood but also for other cleaning purposes. This certain duck meat vendor shared her worries about the upcoming water rationing measures.
We may possibly have to depend on only two buckets of water, but we have to clean our clothes and the stand daily.
Even if the market's water tower is filled up to the top with 212 tons, it's obviously still not enough.
Some vendors decided to use plastic bags to store water in order to save some space for business. Even water that is used for soaking water bamboo shoots is reused. Many vendors also end up choosing to close up business for a while. People can be seen coming one after the other to get some water from the water supply station set up by the government.
People should just take what they need and no more. We still have to conserve water; we cannot solely depend on water trucks.
It is inconvenient, but what can we do but to live with it? We even have to go to convenience stores and buy bottled water to wash our face and hands.
The water corporation said that water supply is ready at all stations on the 5th, and there will be volunteers from Water Resources Agency at all stations for assistance. There are 347 water supply stations set up in Taichung, including 276 stations in zone A. The water corporation predicted that water demand will be greater on the second day of restriction.
When water supply comes back to normal depend on your location. If you are at the end of the water pipes or at a higher elevation, water will come back a bit slower. Water flows from high to low places and in principle, it would take some time. It should take up to 18 hours for water supply to all areas to return to normal.
The water corporation also gave reassurance that water trucks will be refilled often and volunteer workers would also help to report on areas where water is needed. People are encouraged to check online for different locations of water supply stations so as to prevent a long queue. Water restriction is scheduled to be lifted at 12am at the beginning of the third day.
建國市場自治會長 蔡鈴欽表示:「(市場的)所有水塔填滿的話,只有212噸,很明顯的不足啊!」
台水公司第四區管理處副處長 林義雄表示:「復水的時間,會因為你是管線末端,或是高區,會稍微慢一點。它們是用位差的方式,從高處往低處流,所以原則上,速度會很慢。(整個)復水的時間,大概要18小時。」