Survivors at Risk of Developing Acute Stress Disorder: Doctor 醫師:重大事故相關者 易"急性壓力症候群" | 公視新聞網 PNN

Survivors at Risk of Developing Acute Stress Disorder: Doctor 醫師:重大事故相關者 易"急性壓力症候群"

Psychiatrists have warned that survivors and rescue workers of major accidents are at risk of developing acute stress disorder. To prevent the disorder, they can slow down the pace of their lives and maintain a regular work and rest schedule. Family members are advised to be present and to listen.

The remains of 26-year-old Ke Chun-chieh, who perished in the April 2 Taiwan Railways train accident, are delivered to his family home. He was a member of the Bunun tribe in Hualien's Zhuoxi Township but worked in northern Taiwan. He was a filial son, and was heading to Hualien during the long weekend to see his father after hearing he wasn't doing well.
Chun-chieh provided for the entire family. After uncle was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, Chun-chieh made plans to take him to Taipei for treatment.
He was an obedient child. He told me that he was coming home to pick me up and take me to Taipei. I never thought this could happen.
Police say Ke's father required medical treatment after hearing his son was on the ill-fated train and they will provide whatever assistance the family needs. Psychiatrists say survivors, victims' family members, and rescue workers are all at risk of developing acute stress disorder after a major accident. They may become alarmed or scared by news and worry that something will happen to them. They may also dream about accidents and refuse to listen to anything related. This in turn may affect their social interaction and moods.
They become alarmed or scared when they hear related news, and all types of situations may negatively affect their moods. They may also use some methods to numb themselves and ease their anxiety, such as drinking alcohol or taking medicine.
Doctors say it takes about a month to alleviate acute stress disorder, and those around sufferers are advised to listen attentively, be present, and offer support. They should also try to shift their attention and reduce their contact with news, as well as seek medical treatment if the condition lasts longer than a month.
精神科醫師 楊聰財表示:「接觸到這些訊息的時候,會驚恐、害怕,甚至藉由各種狀況,會讓自己情緒容易不安,甚至用一些方法,來麻醉自己。譬如說,認為喝酒或藥物,鎮靜自己的焦慮。」