BBC Correspondent Now Assigned to Taiwan BBC駐中記者沙磊改調台灣 居家隔離中

The BBC has announced that its journalist John Sudworth, who was originally stationed in China, has been sent to Taiwan. Sudworth previously reported on human rights abuses in Xinjiang, which caused China to denounce the BBC for reporting fake news.

Do you think you have the Chinese President Xi Jinping to thank for this victory?

BBC journalist John Sudworth previously covered President Tsai Ing-wen's election win in Taiwan. He was stationed by the media outlet in China, where he reported from Wuhan and Xinjiang. China was dissatisfied with his news reports, and criticized the BBC for reporting on human rights suppression in Xinjiang without any basis in fact. In February, China banned BBC World News from broadcasting in China. On March 31, BBC announced Sudworth has been assigned to Taiwan. In response, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Sudworth did not give prior notice before his departure. His departure was also irregular, and related procedures were not fulfilled.
He did not inform Chinese authorities in any way of the reason for his departure. If there was evidence that he was threatened in any way, he should have called the police and we would have kept him safe. Now what is he running away from?
The ministry said there were reports of Xinjiang residents and agencies that suffered harm as a result of Sudworth's fake reports, and it may file a lawsuit against him. Meanwhile, Sudworth told a BBC program that he has already arrived in Taipei and is undergoing home quarantine. He also said the Chinese government repeatedly pressured and threatened him during the past several months and he thought it would be too dangerous to remain in Beijing. He claimed that Ministry of Public Security personnel were following him as he left the country.
The BBC's John Sudworth and his family will fully experience the friendly, safe environment here. They will have a very different experience here in Taiwan, and will really enjoy our freedoms and freedom of speech.
The Presidential Office spokesperson used Twitter to welcome Sudworth in English. Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Taiwan is a democratic country with freedom of speech, and more and more foreign news media correspondents originally stationed in China and Hong Kong are transferring to Taiwan. There are currently 72 foreign news media outlets represented in Taiwan, an increase of 21 compared to 2020. The ministry said it offers assistance to ensure the international media will feel Taiwan's friendliness.
BBC記者 沙磊(2020.1.11)表示:「你認為勝選,該感謝中國習近平主席嗎?」
中國外交部發言人 華春瑩表示:「離境前,也沒有以任何的方式,告知中方的相關部門,他是因何原因離境的。如果有證據,表明他受到了威脅,他就應該報警,我們會保護他的安全。但是他跑什麼呢?」
外交部發言人 歐江安表示:「BBC的沙磊跟他的家人,會充分感受這樣子的一個友善安全的一個環境,會感受很不一樣,會充分的享受我們台灣的自由,及言論自由。」