Japan Reports Death Following COVID-19 Vaccine 日首例打疫苗後死亡 專家:與疫苗關聯性低 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Japan Reports Death Following COVID-19 Vaccine 日首例打疫苗後死亡 專家:與疫苗關聯性低

The first batch of COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Taiwan. The CECC said healthcare and frontline workers will be given priority to receive the 117,000 doses. Meanwhile, Japan has reported the first death of a patient after getting a BNT vaccine. One expert in Taiwan says he believes the death has little association with the vaccine.

A patient in Japan has died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. One expert in Taiwan says hemorrhagic strokes are chiefly caused by ruptured aneurysms and the death may be unrelated to the vaccine.
Subarachnoid hemorrhages are generally not associated with vascular obstructions. They are more often caused by vascular ruptures and therefore most likely unrelated to the vaccine.
Huang Li-min says vaccines produce a strong immune and inflammatory response usually in the form of pain and swelling around the injection site and in some cases headache, fever and muscle pain. As the government says vaccines will arrive in Taiwan any day now, Huang says the Tsai administration should establish an adverse reaction reporting system as soon as possible to prevent false information from spreading and people not wanting to get vaccinated.
The better way is for the government to find a credible organization to review side effect cases and determine if they were caused by the vaccine.
Huang also says Taiwan probably won't be able to achieve herd immunity until 2022.
台灣感染症醫學會理事長 黃立民表示:「蜘蛛腦膜下出血,這跟血管阻塞,比較沒有關。它是一種有點像血管破裂那種出血,那這種很少在打疫苗之後引起的。」
台灣感染症醫學會理事長 黃立民表示:「比較好的作法,是政府要找一個有公信力的機構。要在第一時間就說,做一個初步的判斷。就是可能是,或者不確定,或者可能不是,讓民眾了解,專家初步判斷的結果。」