TRA Ordered to Set Up Task Force After Accident 交通部要求台鐵 成立"職安事故改善小組"

Transportation and Communications Minister Lin Chia-lung has ordered the TRA to establish an "improvement task force" after an occupational safety accident happened in Taitung.

Two Taiwan Railways Administration maintenance workers were killed and one was seriously injured after they were hit by a power maintenance train at Taitung's Haiduan Station on Feb. 23. The maintenance work they were carrying out was suspended, and trains had to slow down as they passed by the accident site. Transportation and Communications Minister Lin Chia-lung has already ordered the TRA to establish a task force to improve occupational safety and prevent accidents. The task force will inspect the TRA's maintenance work and standard operating procedures. Personnel will also be recalled for retraining.
We're trying to determine what went wrong with the implementation. We will also arrange for all on-site personnel to return for training within one month's time to strengthen their occupational safety knowledge.
The Taitung District Prosecutors' Office has opened an investigation. It subpoenaed the power maintenance vehicle trainees and instructors who were present at the time and set their bail at NT$100,000 each for negligence resulting in death. There have been reports that the two workers who were killed had applied to extend their working hours, but there was no request for the railway section to be closed. As a result, the power maintenance train was unaware of the presence of workers on the track. The Society of Railway and National Planning says maintenance standards need to be more stringent.
Why did the train go barreling into a section where maintenance work was underway? For the future, the act of trains charging into closed sections and the act of hitting maintenance workers should be treated the same.
On Jan. 18, a TRA shunter at the Chaozhou depot was killed after getting caught between two carriages. Now, less than two months later, another fatal accident has occurred. The Taiwan Railway Union says the TRA needs to reassess its patrol and shunting operations to prevent more tragedies from occurring.
交通部長 林佳龍表示:「落實的部分,哪裡出了問題?也在一個月內,會安排所有的,行車運轉的現場人員回訓,加強勞動安全的這個講習。」
台灣鐵道暨國土規劃學會理事 鄭羽哲表示:「到底列車為什麼會闖進去這個,有施工作業的一個範圍裡面?未來,我們應該要把列車闖入封閉區域,就視為撞擊到施工人員,是一模一樣的等級。」
今年1月18日,台鐵一名調車員在潮州車輛基地,從事調車工作時,被2個車廂夾住,傷重不治。事隔兩個月,又發生了死亡意外 ! 台鐵產業工會痛批,台鐵的人力巡軌調車作業應該要全面檢討,避免悲劇,再度發生。