Port of Hualien Section Opened to Anglers 響應中央政策 花蓮港開放東堤碼頭垂釣 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Port of Hualien Section Opened to Anglers 響應中央政策 花蓮港開放東堤碼頭垂釣

The ban of angling has been relaxed at the Port of Hualien, but anglers had mixed responses.

This is an inner wharf at the Port of Hualien. There are signs everywhere reminding people that angling is prohibited. However, there are some anglers who ignore the signs to fish here, and will flee when spotted by the police.

The police are now making more of an effort to fine us for fishing. There's no sense in doing that, because fishing is the best leisure activity.
Angling is prohibited because the Port of Hualien is a commercial port. The Ocean Affairs Council recently launched new policies dealing with the sea, and the port decided to open up an eastern section to anglers under the premises that fishing would not affect ship navigation or port operations. Anglers can apply to fish in groups.
There were 23 angling activities last year, with 3,800 participants. There are presently five groups of anglers that take turns holding activities on Sundays.
Some anglers say the eastern section's terrain is too high for fishing, and they also had complaints about the rules of only allowing fishing in groups and on Sundays. They say angling should be allowed at more parts of the inner port.
It's safer in the inner port area, although I would rather fish here than have to cross over the tetrapods.
The port says merchant ships are constantly entering and exiting the inner port area, and it cannot allow fishing in this area to maintain navigational safety. It hopes anglers will comply with regulations. Anglers will be fined NT$600 to NT$3,000 and have their fishing gear confiscated for violations of the Commercial Port Law.
釣客 曾先生表示:「現在警察都來找我們釣魚的罰金,這樣沒意思,因為釣魚是最好的休閒活動。」
花蓮港務分公司副處長 羅偉佑表示:「我們去年釣魚辦理的場次,共計23次,那總共有3800(名)參加人員。目前有五家釣魚團體,輪流在週日,辦理釣魚活動。」
釣客 黃先生表示。「(港內)這邊相對安全啦!如果要我去外面,跳消波塊的話,那我寧願來這裡。」