Acrylic Tanker Flips on Freeway 丙烯槽車翻覆 警消拉封鎖線進行管制

A tanker accident caused a major traffic jam in New Taipei City's Linkou District on the first day back at work. As there were concerns about explosions, the airport metro's Linkou Station also had to suspend operations for two hours.

This tanker flipped over right after making a turn, setting off sparks. Police quickly sealed off the area due to concerns over flammable gases.

Our station worked with firefighters to temporarily close the southbound ramp of the interchange and Bade First Road in the Taoyuan direction.
(The tanker) was carrying over 22,000 liters of acrylic acid. Acrylic acid is a chemical substance and one of its characteristics is that it's highly flammable. We therefore put up warning signs in the area and implemented traffic controls.
The area was monitored for temperature for some time after the tanker was towed. The accident occurred at 3 a.m. on the 17th at the intersection of Wenhua North Road and Bade Road. The tanker was transporting acrylic acid from a refinery in Gueishan to Kaohsiung. The driver, surnamed Chen, says his brakes malfunctioned. Although no other vehicles were involved, the southbound lane of National Freeway 1 was closed to traffic.
We shut off power to our third track. Stations A1 to A8 and A10 to A21 continued operating.
In addition, Taoyuan Metro's Linkou Station had to suspend operations for two hours with 1,250 passengers transferred to shuttle buses. The station resumed operations at 10:10. The ramp reopened around the same time.
林口忠孝所長 吳愷峰表示:「現場是由我們分局,跟消防隊同仁,暫時封閉林口B南下交流道,跟八德一路往桃園方向。」
新北消防局第二大隊副大隊長 林世明表示:「(槽車)裡面囤積,超過2萬2千多公升的丙烯。本身丙烯的化學物質,它的特性,就是高壓易燃的氣體。因此,現場我們做了警戒,也做了交通的管制。」
桃捷董事長 劉坤億表示:「A9站我們第三軌斷電,那麼在A1到A8,以及A10到A21,南、北雙向就南、北兩個迴圈,雙向來進行區間的營運。」