Doctor That Laundered Money for Chen Family Dies 黃芳彥在美過世 法醫證實頭部中彈身亡

Former Shin Kong Hospital vice Superintendent Huang Fang-yen reportedly died in the US at the age of 74. His younger brother, Huang Chung-yen, has confirmed the news. Huang Fang-yen fled to the US after being investigated for laundering state affairs funds for then-President Chen Shui-bian and the warrant on Huang's arrest wasn't set to expire until 2034. Taipei prosecutors say they will try to find out more about Huang's reported death through judicial mutual assistance channels and go from there.

A central figure in multiple Chen Shui-bian family money laundering cases, former Shin Kong Hospital Vice Superintendent Huang Fang-yen, has reportedly died in the US at the age of 74. Huang fled to the US in November 2008 after prosecutors issued a warrant for his arrest.
The forensic report from the US states the cause of death was (a self-inflected) gunshot wound. This has been confirmed. As for why -- that is still an open question.
Huang's younger brother says he last spoke to Huang a few days ago. The 25-year warrant for Huang's arrest wasn't set to expire until 2034. Huang stood accused of laundering money overseas for the Chen family and was also implicated in the related Sogo gift certificate and ownership cases. Prosecutors also believe Chen Shui-bian's wife, Wu Shu-chen, gave him hundreds of millions of NT dollar's worth of jewelry and gems for safekeeping. He was originally only a witness for the prosecution but his status was changed to defendant after he fled to the US.
We were separated for so many years across an ocean. We couldn't see him in person. So, when we heard the tragic news, we were surprised and devastated.
Chen Chih-chung, son of Chen Shui-bian, said he was overwhelmed with grief.
Chen Shui-bian also mourned Huang, who he called a "hero," on Facebook and said Huang had many contributions during SARS.
I have no comment on (Chen calling Huang a hero and a force against evil). He won't be remembered for his career in the medical industry. He will be remembered for being the Chen family's doctor.
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je, a former colleague of Huang, only said he has not had any contact with Huang for many years. The agency in charge of investigating Huang was abolished in 2016 with the Taipei District Prosecutors Office taking over open cases. Prosecutors say they have yet to verify the reports of Huang's death and will revoke the indictment if they can confirm he is really dead.
黃芳彥胞弟 黃重彥表示:「美國法醫研究所,已經證實是槍傷,自(盡)的,這個事確定的。什麼原因?死因?現在大家都是比較一個重大的問題。」
高雄市議員 陳致中表示:「過了這麼多年,相隔大洋,也沒有辦法見到面。所以得知這個噩耗,我們還是覺得非常的震驚,而且難過。」
台北市長 柯文哲表示:「(抗煞英雄)我倒是沒有特別評論,但他的事蹟不是在醫界,是在扁家的醫療醫生。」