Man from China Escapes Taiwan Without Paying Quarantine Fines 台南男違居檢挨罰70萬 未繳罰款落跑離境

With the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise again in Taiwan, quarantine violations are also a concern for Taiwan's officials. There have been 25 violation cases since last year that needed to be chased down and enforced, including a man from China that got fined with NT$700, 000.

(I think we were walking back from the detention basin at 9:30pm) You mean Mr. Pan and you? (Yes, we walked back together) But he is under home quarantine now, he should not be outside. (Alright!)

A man from China with surname Pan came to Taiwan last March for long stay, but he broke the rule by leaving the house seven times while under home quarantine. His fine accrued to NT$700,000 but he left the country in April without paying for it.
The high amount of fine was due to the number of times and the time of the day he went out roaming around. He immediately escaped back to China once he was officially of quarantine; we will definitely enforce his penalty.
Tainan City Public Health Bureau's record showed that Pan had entered Taiwan from China on March 21 of 2020. According to regulation, he should had been released from home quarantine on April 4, but in between he went out many times and as a result was fined heavily. However, by the time Administrative Enforcement Agency's Tainan Branch received a report from the local health bureau, Pan had already left Taiwan on April 7.
Pan knew he was in trouble and devised a plan to escape while Tainan's Public Health Bureau was still verifying his quarantine violations. We are currently investigating whether he owns any asset in Taiwan, and if he enters Taiwan again he will not be permitted to leave without paying his fines.
Because of Pan's case, Administrative Enforcement Agency's Tainan Branch has decided to close in on all quarantine violation cases and enforce seizing properties when fines are unpaid. When necessary, individuals are restricted from leaving the country, and can be arrested and held in custody. Tainan's Public Health Bureau said that there are currently 25 cases going through enforcement procedure, with a total amount of fine up to NT$4.5 million. Three cases with a total amount of NT$500,000 in fine have been paid and terminated, another six cases are currently under monthly payment, and the rest 16 are still being pursued.
衛生局人員 vs. 潘姓男子友人表示:「(九點半,應該是從滯洪池走回來。) 你說,潘先生跟你嗎?(對,對,跟我一起走回來。) 可是他現在居家檢疫期間,不能外出。(好,好,OK。)」
台南市衛生局發言人 林美良表示:「所以說,我們是依據他外出的頻率,跟他的時間,來做出裁處,開這麼高的罰單,他就趕快期滿能回去大陸,就跑掉了。該有的裁罰,我們一定會執行到底。」
行政執行署台南分署主任行政執行官 張哲榮表示:「也就這位潘姓男子,是利用衛生局,在查證他違規事實過程中,就已經心存僥倖,趕快出境。在追查他的在台灣,是不是還有財產,可以執行?將來如果說,入境之後,沒有繳清罰緩之前,不可以再出境。」