Asia Cup Qualifier Training Camp Kicks Off 生涯首度入選國家隊 高國豪感到開心

C. Chuang
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Twenty-four Chinese Taipei Basketball players began training to prepare for a qualifying game scheduled to take place in Japan starting on Feb. 17. FIBA has not announced any postponements, even though Japan's COVID-19 situation is worsening.

Temperatures were taken and real names were registered as training camp for the third qualifying round of the FIBA Asia Cup kicked off. Twenty-four players from the Super Basketball League and P.League+ were invited to the training camp.

This was the first time that Hsinchu JKO Lioneers guard Oscar Kao had been called up for the national team. He said he was happy when he heard the news. Japan is scheduled to host the round, which starts on Feb. 17. However, the COVID-19 situation there is worsening and Kao's family members are worried and urging him not to go.
You only have one life, so I think I have to be very, very cautious. This is not a trivial matter.
Taiwan Beer guard Chiang Yu-an said there is a risk in traveling abroad, and he hopes the Chinese Taipei Basketball Association can coordinate with FIBA to postpone the qualifying tournament if possible.
Japan recently set a new record for single-day infections, so of course we're all really worried and feeling a little scared.
The CTBA said Japan and FIBA are discussing the possibility of postponement or a host change. If Chinese Taipei declines to participate, it will incur a NT$9 million fine and affect its FIBA membership, as well as qualifications for future events. It hasn't made a decision yet.
Let's say the tournament goes ahead but the epidemic situation remains critical. We will maintain the option of not participating.
Going is one thing, and the return may become a weak link in disease prevention. This is something that we can't take responsibility for.
The option of not participating remains on the table. The CTBA says the training camp will proceed as scheduled, and the final squad of 16 players will be named on Jan. 30.
PLG新竹攻城獅後衛 高國豪表示:「命真的只有一條,我覺得,真的要很慎重、很慎重,這不是開玩笑。」
SBL台啤後衛 蔣淯安表示:「(日本)創下單日,好像最高確診的人數。所以相對,對我們來說,就是會顯得非常焦慮,因為會覺得有點害怕。」
中華男籃隊執行教練 鄭志龍表示:「假設比賽還是要進行,但是整個這個疫情的情況,還是非常嚴重,我們也保留了不去的一個決定。」
PLG執行長 陳建州表示:「去是一件事,回來可能會,有可能會成為台灣防疫的破口,這個是我們擔待不起的。」