DPP Wants to Force Three Massive Budgets Through 民進黨促立院開臨時會 審查3大預算案

Legislators convened to discuss whether an extraordinary session should be held and what the agenda would be if there is one. The Democratic Progressive Party intented on forcing through three massive budgets. The Kuomintang vowed to slash the NT$24.2 billion 5G allocation. The Taiwan People's Party, meanwhile, advocated putting the review for draft amendments to establish clear mechanisms for helping Hong Kong citizens.

If there is an extraordinary legislative session, the Democratic Progressive Party wants to use it to pass some massive budgets, including the central government budget, infrastructure budget, and Forward-Looking Infrastructure Program 3.0 budget.

The program budget includes multiple 5G-related allocations that have been criticized as superfluous. The allocations add up to NT$24.29 billion, of which NT$15.5 billion is listed as National Communications Commission subsidies for telecoms. Pan-blue lawmakers want to remove the entire allocation.

If you shorten your (5G) launch time from four years to two years or even less, (the NCC) will give you money. They've evaluated this. It must be worth it. There must be money to be made. Why are you handing them NT$15.5 billion? This NT$15.5 billion is our children and our grandchildren's money. The entire allocation should be removed.

5G is a future global trend. This is something the whole world is working on. Can Taiwan not follow suit?
The KMT caucus, meanwhile, is focused on Ractopamine certification and labels, human rights concerns over the central government's citizen geo-tracking program, and Taiwan-US relations. It is calling on the heads of central agencies to report to the legislature during the session. In response, the pan-green caucus said this would "destroy" legislative proceedings.
Can we invite the foreign affairs minister to brief the legislature on changes to Taiwan-US relations, (the ramifications of) Biden's inauguration, and the continuation of relevant policies?
If we ask them to brief us during an extraordinary session, isn't that the same as having them give briefings to committees when the legislature was in session? This is a joke, a childish game.
We hope to re-review draft amendments to the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs as quickly as possible during this extraordinary session, so that we can have concrete ways to hold up Hong Kong.
With tensions rising in Hong Kong, the Taiwan People's Party wants to add the review of draft amendments to the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs to the agenda to establish clear mechanisms for helping Hong Kong citizens.
國民黨立委 賴士葆表示:「你只要建置(5G)的時間,從四年變成兩年,或者更短,(NCC)他就給你錢。他一定評估過了,一定划算,一定還有錢賺,為什麼你還要退他155億?這155億,是我們子孫的錢,我覺得應該全部把它刪除。」
民進黨立委 許智傑表示:「5G是未來世界的趨勢,這是全世界都在做的事,台灣不能不做。」
國民黨立委 陳以信表示:「能夠邀請外交部長前來,針對現在台美關係的變化,還有對於拜登上台就職,還有他之後政策延續性。」
民進黨立委 林楚茵表示:「如果說,還要透過臨時會,把他們找來報告,不等同於是,之前我們在院會期間,委員會當中,各個部門的首長來報告,根本就是在開玩笑,是兒戲嗎?」
民眾黨立委 賴香伶表示:「我們希望這次臨時會,還能夠儘速重審港澳條例部分,能夠完成實質撐香港。」

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