Using QR Code to Pay Bus Fares 行動支付坐公車 全台五條路線先試辦

Good news! You can now pay your bus fare with a scan of QR code on your mobile phone on some city and freeway buses. 

You can now pay your bus fare with a scan of QR code on your mobile phone, if you are on the city and freeway buses with contactless mobile payment systems installed by the Directorate General of Highways. The authorities say they will evaluate the performance the five trial routes across the island and expand implementation as a cashless public transport system has become a trend.
(Are there a lot of passengers using the mobile payment?) Quite a few! About 70 percent to 80 percent of passengers are using the QR code mobile payment because it's so much more convenient with people holding on their mobile phones all day long.
The sensor machine plus the software system cost up to NT$40,000 to install per bus. The DGH subsidizes 49 percent of the set up cost in order to expand the mobile payment usage from railway systems to public and commercial buses. Mobile payment provides not only convenience, it can also be used for interdisciplinary connections and data applications. In related news, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has requested a relief funding totaling NT$9.2 billion to help airlines, airports and related services affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
The MOTC has requested a relief funding of NT$9.2 billion. The Executive Yuan will review the plan and take all factors into consideration. The main targets for relief are still airports and related services.
The Ministry said the additional subsidies aim for the aviation industry and the airport-related service industries as they still need to pay fixed cost such as rent, which would require substantial support from the government. As for the tourism industry, the MOTC will cooperate with the Ministry of Labor and assist the tourism personnel by providing advanced studies and transformation counselling services.
出示手機QR code碼,感應支付車資,公路總局即日起,在全台五條路線,試辦行動支付,試辦路線,北中南都有,包含了市區公車,國道客運,藉此觀察不同路線民眾的使用狀況,業者表示,目前觀察大部分民眾搭車都是使用電子票證,未來"無現金化",必然是趨勢。
屏東客運業者  鄭淑紋表示:「(使用電子票證的旅客,多嗎?) 嗯,還不少,將近七到八成有了。當然是使用QR code的話,對民眾來講會更便利,因為現在大家都離不開手機了嘛!」
交通部長 林佳龍表示:「現在交通部彙整提出的,是92億元的一個需求。 當然行政院,他會通盤的考量,紓困補助的對象,主要還是以機場相關業者為主。」