F-16 Upgrade Plan a Financial Black Hole? 升級F-16V遭疑進度落後 預算追加無底洞?

M. chuang
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The ROC Air Force's plan to upgrade F-16 jet fighters is believed to be behind schedule and the budget has become a black hole. In response, National Defense Deputy Minister Chang Che-ping said the budget is within range.

The US is charging Taiwan US$5.3 billion to upgrade 141 F-16A/B jet fighters into F-16Vs. As the ROC government does not have this gargantuan sum on hand, it has allocated NT$110 billion for now, with two additional allocations for NT$30 billion planned down the line. Many are criticizing this as a financial black hole. On the 7th, National Defense Deputy Minister Chang Che-ping told lawmakers the budget is within range and denied this would be a case of unlimited spending.

As of now, (the budget) is NT$140.2 billion, which is within range covered in the US$5.3 billion sum. So, it's not like the "unlimited spending" people are talking about.
In response to questions from lawmakers about the F-16 upgrade process, which is slated for completion in 2023 but has already fallen behind schedule, and the number of completed upgrades being reduced every year, the Air Force said this year's target number of upgraded aircraft is 22 and the target is attainable before the end of year, and it will "catch up" on the upgraded aircraft number in subsequent years.
We plan to (complete) upgrades of 35 aircraft in 2021 and 35 in 2022. Thirty-five in 2022 -- 35 -- and then in 2023, which is the last year, the last 32.
We have discussed it (with) AIDC and the completion rate will be three aircrafts a month in the future.
As for American Institute in Taiwan Director Brent Christensen announcing yet another arms sale package to Taiwan, this one costing Taiwan US$5.2 billion, the Ministry of National Defense said there is no such purchase planned. However, the ministry also said there are two more deals in the works. Kuomintang lawmaker Johnny Chiang criticized the ministry for its under-the-table transactions.
It includes the so-called -- there are two more (deals) that have not yet been submitted to Congress. We expect (them to be submitted) next year. I expect the packages to cost around (US$) 800 million.
According to a media report, the ROC Navy is planning to upgrade six Lafayette-class submarines next year. Chang says there are inaccuracies in the report, and the plan is still being drafted while the budget has yet to be drafted.
國防部副部長 張哲平表示:「到現在,(預算)總共台幣是1402億,其實都還在53億美金的涵蓋範圍裡面。所以並沒有像人家所說的,是無限制地去增加。」
民進黨立委 羅致政 vs. 空軍參謀長 黃志偉表示:「110年(交機)35架,35架 ;111(年)…111年(交機)35架, 35架;然後112 最後一年,要32架。」
國防部副部長 張哲平表示:「( 與)漢翔我們共同檢討,未來是以每個月交機3架的能量。」
國民黨立委 江啟臣 vs. 國防部副部長 張哲平表示:「包含了所謂的還有兩項,還沒有知會國會,預計大概明年。(那多少億?) 那個我的預料,概略是8億(美元)。」