PTS to Contend for Channel 52|52頻道誰接手?公廣集團將整合資源爭取

The National Communications Commission rejected CTi News' license renewal application on Nov. 18. The channel will go off the air, leaving "Channel 52" empty. Public Television Service's board of directors proposed trying to secure the channel. It hopes the new channel can provide content from CTS News and attain the objectives of integrating public broadcasting resources.

Public Television Service and Chinese Television System are both generalist channels, not simply news channels. That's why the two can collaborate to form a task group and invite other advisory members to begin planning the budget, positioning, and news content to produce a result that will meet everyone's expectations.

Taiwan Broadcasting System said it will vie for the channel, while China Network Systems, CTi News' agent, sent documents saying it hopes Global News will take over. Meanwhile, those who currently meet the requirements include the digital news channels of Global News, Taiwan Television, China Television, and Chinese Television Service.

公視代理總經理 徐秋華表示:「由於公視或華視皆為綜合台,並無專屬新聞台,因此,兩台將攜手共同籌組任務小組,並邀請其他諮詢委員,針對組織預算頻道定位,及新聞內容進行規劃,以符合全體國民的期待。」