Taiwan Cracks Down on Chinese Media|又傳東南衛視3駐台記者 違法錄製政論節目 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Taiwan Cracks Down on Chinese Media|又傳東南衛視3駐台記者 違法錄製政論節目

In July, Taiwan expelled two journalists from China's Southeast Television for participating in political talk shows. There are now rumors that Chinese media outlets are finding other ways to participate in talk shows. The Mainland Affairs Council says it has already notified the Ministry of Culture and Chinese media outlets to tell them to stop filming programs.

In July, the Mainland Affairs Council expelled two journalists working for China's Southeast Television for appearing on the political talk show "Strait Express." Its justification was that this activity was inconsistent with their purpose for being in Taiwan of "gathering news." Now, there are rumors that three other Southeast Television journalists who remain in Taiwan are participating in programs using other methods.

It's clear that Evian Ting is in the habit of charging the government and using taxpayer money for whatever purchase he makes.

One Taipei City councilor who appeared on the program commented about the Executive Yuan's beef noodle soup scandal. There was a caption saying the program was shot in Taipei. According to reports, even though Chinese journalists are no longer showing their faces and hosting the program, they are still working behind the scenes by contacting guests and participating in the production.

They need to stop making programs in Taiwan. If they fail to do so, the government will punish them in accordance with law. You came here to gather news, not to record programs.

The Mainland Affairs Council said the government is fully aware of the situation. The Ministry of Culture began notifying Chinese journalists based in Taiwan on Nov. 17 that they have to stop producing programs. The Mainland Affairs Council is also trying to determine how to punish businesses that lease television studios to Chinese media outlets. Southeast Television's studio is located at Kuangchi Program Service, which said it's not appropriate to ask tenants how they use their leased spaces.

They leased an office. (How are they using it?) I can't answer that, because that's their business.
Kuomintang legislators asked the Mainland Affairs Council to specify which law is being broken by Chinese media outlets filming programs in Taiwan.

I hope the Mainland Affairs Council can clearly specify which law is being violated.

We will carefully monitor them to see if they are violating our Anti-Infiltration Act, the Act Governing Relations Between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, or other related laws.

There are currently five national Chinese media outlets and five regional media outlets with journalists stationed in Taiwan. CCTV, Southeast Television, and FJTV have studios in Taiwan, where they produce programs with political pundits.


新黨台北市議員 侯漢廷:「顯見丁怡銘,在買任何東西的時候,都是習慣地去報公帳,報人民的納稅錢。」


陸委會副主委 邱垂正表示:「停止在台錄製節目的行為,如未停止,政府會依法處理。你是來採訪新聞,不是來錄製節目。」


光啟社社長 蘇誌郎表示:「他們有租辦公室,(如何使用)這我真的沒有辦法,我不方便回答。因為這是他們自己,他們的業務範圍。」


國民黨立委 李德維表示:「希望陸委會能夠講清楚,到底違反了哪一條法令?」

民進黨立委 許智傑表示:「我們的反滲透法,或者是兩岸人民關係條例,相關的法令。我們也會刻意地去注意,看他們有沒有違法。」