Face Mask Mandatory for Gyms Starting Dec. 1|12/1起推新措施 健身房納入強制戴口罩場所 - 公視新聞網

Face Mask Mandatory for Gyms Starting Dec. 1|12/1起推新措施 健身房納入強制戴口罩場所

Starting December 1, people are required to wear face masks in eight types of venues, including gyms and indoor swimming pools, among others. This has some people complained about the discomfort and the inconveniences that the new regulation is bringing.

Running on treadmills, pedaling on spin bikes and lifting weights, many early risers are trying to burn calories and gain muscles. Inside the gym, majority of them are not wearing face masks. Starting December 1, fitness gyms are included in the venues where a face mask must be worn. Violators could be fined from NT$3,000 to NT$15,000. The public has mixed opinions toward the new epidemic prevention measure and some decide to take the exercise outdoors.

It's ok to wear a mask when I'm lifting weights. But I think there should be spaces between people running on treadmills because a lot of oxygen are exchanged. If we must wear medical face mask to protect ourselves, then I think I will.

I will try it out first, but I think it would not be so comfortable when I'm gasping for air while having my mask on. I'll probably exercise outdoor instead.

The new regulation also require people to wear masks in changing rooms, waiting areas or public spaces of an indoor pool before diving in for a swim. Some people think the new rule is quite troublesome and hard to comply with.

It's so inconvenient. We should be able to take off our masks once we are inside.

We will exercise crowd control in the fitness room and the pool. With regards to wearing a face mask inside the swimming pool, it is actually hard to execute, thus people are more reluctant to come swimming.

Previous regulations put forward by the Central Epidemic Command Center required people to wear face masks in 8 categories of places, including healthcare facilities, public transportation, places of consumption, places of learning, sports and exhibition venues, entertainment venues, among others. As a preventative measure to curb a second wave of pandemic in fall and winter, starting December 1, those who fail to wear masks in these contexts and do not heed requests to do so will face fines of between NT$3,000 to NT$15,000 for violating the "Communicable Disease Control Act"

CECC also said if there is a need to eat or drink in certain enclosed settings, masks can be temporarily removed on the condition that a proper social distance is maintained. If appropriate barrier equipment is in place, then people can remove the mask when exercising.






台北市內湖運動中心管理部經理 林建豪表示:「那包含健身房跟泳池部分,也有實行人流的總量的管制的部分。當然以泳池的部分來講的話,按照常理來講,的確執行上面,會比較有難度啦!間接影響到民眾來館的一些意願。」