13,000 Foreigners Invited to Use Triple Stimulus Vouchers|擴大三倍券發放對象 約1.3萬外籍人士受惠 | 公視新聞網 PNN

13,000 Foreigners Invited to Use Triple Stimulus Vouchers|擴大三倍券發放對象 約1.3萬外籍人士受惠

The Executive Yuan recently announced the triple stimulus voucher program will be expanded to 13,000 foreigners, including foreign diplomats and those who support Taiwan, or have made special contributions.

The government launched the triple stimulus vouchers to spur domestic consumption amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 23 million people have collected the vouchers, or 97 percent of the population. This created an estimated NT$100 billion in economic benefits. Executive Yuan statistics show the retail and catering industries set new highs for turnover in September. The Executive Yuan also announced the program will be expanded to benefit 13,000 foreigners.
We invite them to become part of the year's most important consumption stimulus policy. On the one hand, they will be able to collect this wonderful little gift. On the other hand, they will be cooperating in this great undertaking to stimulate domestic demand and consumption.

The Executive Yuan says the chosen foreigners include those who support Taiwan, have made special contributions, and are foreign diplomats stationed in Taiwan or members of the clergy serving the Taiwan people. It therefore is offering this wonderful little gift ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas as a show of Taiwan's human warmth.

With regards to the expense, we will adjust our expenses. We currently have a surplus of paper vouchers, so we use this surplus.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs says eligible foreigners can begin collecting paper vouchers at post offices by presenting their residence permit or binding digital vouchers on Nov. 16. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will offer assistance to those who hold diplomatic credentials. The MOEA says it will use its paper voucher surplus for this, so it doesn't need to allocate additional expenses.


行政院發言人 丁怡銘表示:「邀請他們來共同參與,今年最重要的刺激消費政策。讓他們一方面,能領到這份設計精美的小禮物,一方面也共襄盛舉,去帶動整個內需的消費。」


經濟部次長 林全能表示:「費用,就是先在我們的費用裡面,來做相關的支應。因為基本上,我們現在領取的一個紙本券,實際上還有剩餘。我們透過這個部分剩餘,可以來充分支應。」