Taichung MRT Trial Runs Start on Nov. 16|中捷綠線11/16起試營運 12/19正式通車

After 11 years of work, Taichung Metro Green Line was opened to the public on Nov 10, and passengers can travel for free for a month.

The much-awaited Taichung Metro System is finally ready. Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen announced that the trial run will start on Nov. 16, allowing people to travel for free for a month. It will be officially inaugurated on December 19.

The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday, December 19.

Lu stressed that the city government will put meticulous efforts to ensure reliable operation during the trial run period. Meanwhile, the Transportation Bureau said during the one-month time, it will specifically develop a standard operating practice of the Taichung Metro. Stress tests will also be conducted to see how the system handles daily passenger influx, ticketing, and overall operations.

We will assist passengers with whatever problems they might encounter when taking the new Metro system. They are also required to use an e-ticket and wear face masks during the pandemic period.

According to Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Chairperson Lin Chih-ying, police will not be deployed during the test runs while there will be security personnel at all the stations and in the cars. The first challenge after it is officially inaugurated in December, is whether it will be able to handle the anticipated increase in passengers over the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

There will be three levels of control. The first level will be implemented when there is a huge influx of passengers, telling them not to get on the incoming train. The second level of control will be at the fare gates and the third level of control will be at the station entrance. The security personnel will not board the train but will be stationed at all the stations and premises. MRT police force will need a trial run due to security reasons.

Taking 11 years and three mayors to complete, the Taichung Metro's Green Line runs through 18 stations along a 16.7-kilometer route. It starts from the Beitun Main Station and ends at the High Speed Rail Taichung Station. Taichung's Transportation Bureau will also adjust the bus route to accommodate the opening of the MRT Green Line. It is expected that there will be over 90 bus routes connecting to all the stations of the Green Line.


台中市長 盧秀燕表示:「12月19號禮拜六,將舉行正式完工通車典禮。」


台中市交通局長 葉昭甫表示:「協助民眾,在這個搭乘上面的障礙排除,然後要持這個電子票證來搭乘,以及目前的疫情期間,還是要戴口罩。」


中捷董事長 林志盈表示:「(人流多時)第一級的管制,是在月台,就是人太多了,這一班不要上。第二級的管制,我們會在(進站)閘門。第三級的管制是在大門口。所以我們會分三級,依照它的緊急狀況,跟嚴重程度,(中捷)安管人員不隨車,但是會在駐站,各點巡車。這個因為安全的部分,我們捷運警察也要試營運。」