NPA Denies Burying of Information in Murder Case|命案懲處名單挨批 警政署長:絕不會吃案

There are reports that Tainan City Police Department's Guiren Precinct tried to bury information about the murder of the Malaysian university student and the chief has been transferred to another position as a punishment.

A Malaysian university student was murdered in Tainan at the end of October. There have been reports that Tainan City Police Department's Guiren Precinct had previously failed to properly handle a police report that could have prevented the murder. National Police Agency Director-General Chen Ja-chin said anyone found to have buried information in a criminal case will be severely punished with a transfer.

There's no way that there was any burying of information, because we have greatly reduced the number of cases involving the withholding of information in recent years. It's inevitable that there will be some insufficient knowledge of laws or training when police officers handle cases. There were some flaws in the handling of cases.

Chen said police officers would not deliberately withhold information in criminal cases. However, the Tainan City Police Department announced a high level reshuffle on Nov. 2. Guiren Precinct chief Yang Ching-yu was transferred to the position of public security section chief, and replaced by Madou Precinct chief Hung Ting-li. There has been criticism that the punishment is not severe enough.

Precinct chief is a leadership position that involves a great deal of field work, and they must take responsibility for any errors. We had to make internal transfers. These are not empty actions, because he was severely disciplined.

I don't think it's right for you to remove people from office on the basis of your own political considerations. Politics were not considered at all.

Chen said the required disciplinary actions were taken. With regards to Tainan City Police Department chief Chan Yung-mao's request to be disciplined, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che said he will discuss this request with the NPA. The NPA said it will rigorously review the list of names submitted by the Tainan City Police Department for discipline and provide explanations to the victim's family members and society.


警政署長 陳家欽表示:「絕對不可能(吃案)。因為我們這幾年來,對於匿報刑案,已相對地減少了非常多。員警其實在受理上,難免有些法律或是訓練不足,在受理報案,是有一些瑕疵。」


警政署長 陳家欽表示:「分局長,是一個外勤的主官。發生錯誤,必須承擔責任。當然要調內勤的,沒有所謂大風吹、大輪轉,他已經受到相當嚴厲的處分。」

國民黨立委 李貴敏 vs. 警政署長 陳家欽表示:「(因為你個人的政治布局,然後你就要把誰拔官,我覺得這個就不對了?) 絕對沒有考慮到政治的因素。」