Scooter and Rider Become Entangled in Truck Chassis|騎士撞車卡底盤 幸戴全罩式安全帽只擦傷

A traffic accident occurred at 3:39 a.m. on Oct. 30 in Kaohsiung City's Lingya District. A scooter rider collided with a garbage truck. Luckily, the motorist was wearing a full face helmet and only suffered minor injuries.

Police officers and firefighters arrive at the scene, where they find a scooter rider and his vehicle entangled in the chassis of a garbage truck. They proceed to get him out. At 3:39 a.m. on Oct. 30, this motorist was traveling along Xinguang Road in Kaohsiung City's Lingya District. He did not notice that there was a garbage truck in front of him that was turning right onto Ziqiang Third Road, and braked too late. He hit the truck and went under it.

I saw three or four scooters pass by, and then I only turned after I looked in the rearview mirror and didn't see lights or vehicles. I heard a grumbling noise, which was when the collision occurred.

The motorist collided with the garbage truck. He was wearing a helmet. He has been sent to a hospital. Both drivers took Breathalyzer tests and didn't test positive for alcohol. We're determining the cause of the accident.

The motorist was wearing a full face helmet, so his head was protected while he was stuck under the truck. He suffered abrasions to his hands and feet. Few scooter riders in Kaohsiung are currently wearing full face helmets due to the hot weather.

I did buy a full face helmet, but I was riding someone else's vehicle today so I wore a half face helmet. Full face helmets offer more protection.

I got into accidents when I first started riding scooters. I happened to be using a full face helmet at that time, so nothing happened to me.

Full face helmets offer more protection.

Full face helmets have a visor and protect the chin, so they are more protective than three-quarters or half face helmets. Some people believe full face helmets offer more protection, while others think they are more expensive and also more stifling.



高雄市苓雅分局交通組長 楊境恩表示:「騎士的部分,因為碰撞到垃圾車,他有著安全帽。所以目前已經送醫救治中,雙方酒測,沒有酒測值,肇事原因,待鑑定當中。」


民眾 許先生表示:「我自己有買(全罩),只是今天剛好騎別人的車,所以戴半罩式,全罩比較安全。」

民眾 戴先生表示:「剛開始騎車的時候,也有出車禍。那時候,剛好就是有先選全罩的安全帽,所以那時候,就(人)也沒有什麼事情。」

民眾 陳先生表示:「全罩式的安全帽,比較安全。」