Kaohsiung Police Dismissed After DUIs|高雄六龜分局1個月內2警酒駕 市長火大

Two police officers from Kaohsiung City's Liouguei Precinct have been arrested this month for driving drunk. This has damaged the reputation of the police, and is threatening bigger demerits and dismissals if it happens again. On Oct. 23, an officer surnamed Hsieh drove his car into a car parked by the roadside. He received two demerits and was dismissed on Oct. 27. City and precinct officials were all disciplined as well with various levels of demerits.

On the 6th, the captain of the Wanshan Police Station was caught driving drunk after crashing into another car. Less than a month later, an officer from Maolin Police Station crashed into a parked car also while driving drunk. At the request of Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai, the city police has handed down demerits and dismissals.

This officer is a repeat offender, and his blood alcohol level was 1.2. He received a major demerit in accordance with regulations. He violated Article 12 of the Civil Service Performance Rating Act and caused severe damage the reputation of the government and civil servants. He received two major demerits and was dismissed.

Officials and other personnel from both city and precinct police were disciplined as well with demerits. The police rights association says there are legal grounds for the two demerits and it respects the decision of the city police, but it does not agree with the decision to punish officers by taking away their vacation days.

What are you supposed to do at home on your day off? We can't go too deep. Police have the right to do what they want when they are not on duty. (This officer) made a bad decision, but how do we know if he drank before his time off?

Kaohsiung City Police Department Commissioner Liu Po-liang says police officers have been forbidden from driving drunk in the past and disciplinary measures will have to be harsher in the future since this is a reoccurring problem.

10月6號傍晚,高雄市六龜分局萬山派出所的吳姓所長,酒後騎車在旗山跟人擦撞;不到一個月, 23號又發生六龜分局茂林分駐所的謝姓警員,酒後開車撞到停在路邊的汽車,分局原處分一大過,但市長陳其邁要求從嚴處分,市警局祭出兩大過免職處分。

高雄市政府人事處長 陳明忠表示:「這個員警,已經是累犯,而且酒測值高達1.2毫克,由一大過加重處分,依法有據。而且依照公務人員考績法第12條,言行不檢,嚴重損害政府及公務人員聲譽,一次記兩大過處分,予以免職。」


台灣警察權益關懷協會副理事長 高振修表示:「放假在家怎麼做事?做什麼?我們基本上,都不能夠侵入太深。因為畢竟是同仁自己的平日時間,休假的權益。他(員警)沒有管好自己,我們又怎麼知道,放假之前,有沒有喝酒?」