Children ER Visits Remain High |幼兒急診人次偏高 病毒性腸胃炎占一半

While the situation is relatively stable during the flu season, pediatric departments of hospitals remain packed, where young patients visit for mostly gastro and respiratory tract related infections. Doctors reminded that parents should be cautious if shortness of breath occurs to their children.

Hospital's pediatric department is crowded with parents and their sick children as recent fluctuating weather conditions are a hotbed for viruses such as flu, other similar viruses and even coronavirus.

He is feverish and suffering from diarrhea with a loss of appetite. He's been coughing too.

His temperature has been high with running nose and coughing. I was wondering if it's the Adenoviruses because he's been feverish for 5 days.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), despite the fact that the flu cases are low, the number of visits to the ER by children aged 6 and under and people who exhibit influenza-like illnesses remains high after the Mid-Autumn holidays. Emergency visits after September rose from 1,800 people per week to 2,400 people a week recently. Among the visits, cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) rose from 32 cases a week to 118 cases a week while viral gastroenteritis cases rose from 700 a week to 1,100 a week.

A pediatric doctor reminded that RSV is spread by droplet transmission with symptoms similar to that of a common cold, but easier to induce shortness of breath, which the parents should be on high alert of.

Parents need to pay extra attention to the child's breathing condition if the child exhibits respiratory symptoms and has a fever. Parents need to seek immediate medical attention if the child is not feverish but can't sleep because he or she is wheezing. It means the child is having difficulty breathing.

The pediatrician explained the recent increase of flu cases in children is related to the fact that children often can't keep their face masks on. The most effective ways to fight off the virus infection are still to wash hands frequently, wear a face mask and avoid going to public places.


幼童家長 林先生表示:「發燒、然後拉肚子,胃口不好啊,還一直咳嗽。」

幼童家長 黃小姐表示:「因為他一直在發燒,然後就是在流鼻水、咳嗽這樣子,想說是不是腺病毒?還是怎麼了?因為他已經發燒第五天了。」


台大小兒感染科醫師 李秉穎表示:「如果小孩子,有這些呼吸道的症狀,加上發燒的話,要特別注意小孩子的呼吸狀況。如果小孩子沒有發燒的時候,喘得很厲害,睡不著的話,要立刻就醫。因為表示說,他的呼吸困難,已經達到一個程度。」