Jetpacker Seen Flying Near LAX |華航機組員 洛杉磯高空目擊噴射背包客 - 公視新聞網

Jetpacker Seen Flying Near LAX |華航機組員 洛杉磯高空目擊噴射背包客

A man was spotted by a China Airlines crew member flying in a jetpack near the Los Angeles International Airport.

According to U.S. media report, a crew member onboard a China Airlines plane spotted a man in a jetpack flying at an altitude of 2,000 feet near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and notified the air traffic controller on Wednesday October 14th local time. The traffic controller immediately warned a nearby plane which was preparing for landing of the situation. This is the second time recently that the LAX has observed a jetpacker entered the controlled airspace.

There is a small engine inside a backpack, which allows the person to be able to fly in the sky while wearing the jetpack. But problems could occur once you get up to the sky, such as losing control or flip upside-down or just turning around in circles.

According to the expert on aeronautics, the jetpack which intruded the controlled airspace is even more dangerous than drones because it is carrying a human being. On the other hand, if used properly, the jetpack could have a bonus effect during rescue missions. The Great North Air Ambulance Service in the U.K. recently announced a collaboration with a vendor in launching the first jetpack that will allow paramedics to fly up mountains to save lives.

In a simulation, a 10-year-old girl was stranded up in the mountain after falling off from a cliff. Once received the coordinates of the wounded person, the paramedics could arrive at the scene in less than two minutes with the jetpack instead of making a trip on foot that requires 30 minutes.

First flight in Cumbria for a jetsuit that is going to save lives and their sufferings, so an incredible moment. Truly truly an incredible moment.

Currently, Taiwan has not introduced the jetpack to its domestic market, but local aeronautic expert urged the government to start giving a thought on drafting related regulations such as passing a license exam before one can fly the device and limit areas where the jetpacks could be used once the device is opened for import.


國立成功大學航空太空工程研究所系主任 呂宗行表示:「好像可以裝在背包上的小引擎,然後讓人可以好像背著這個小引擎,然後在空中裡面飛行。可是推上去以後,你人可能會控制不好,然後所以他可能會倒,整個翻跟斗一樣,或者在那邊旋轉。」

航太專家分析,噴射背包客進入航管區,因為搭載"人" ,危險度更甚無人機,不過,噴射背包若是應用得宜,對於搜救任務也有加分效果,像是英國空中救護大隊,日前就宣布與廠商聯手,計畫推出,全球首位裝備噴射背包的山難救護人員。