Southern Tamandua Escapes from Taipei Zoo with Baby|北市動物園 母食蟻獸揹寶寶游泳逃脫

C. Chuang
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A southern tamandua living at Taipei Zoo escaped with her baby Hong Dou on Sept. 1. The zoo later recovered the baby, but the mother remains missing.

Footage from a surveillance camera shows a small silhouette approaching the moat. At around 2 a.m. on Sept. 1, Xiao Hong, a southern tamandua living at Taipei Zoo, picked up her baby Hong Dou, swam across the electrified water barrier, and escaped.

She went from the display area's upper island to the lower island, and then followed the staircase into the moat while carrying her baby. It's possible that she found an opportunity and went over the metal fence.

Xiao Hong had just moved to her new home on Aug. 30, and the mother-daughter duo made their public debut on Aug. 31. Following their escape on Sept. 1, the zoo mounted an extensive search. The baby was located in the afternoon, but the mother remains at large.

In addition to personnel, we also set up eight traps and eight automatic cameras. Despite all this effort, we haven't been able to find any traces of southern tamanduas moving within the area we're monitoring. The weather is also becoming more and more unsuitable for tropical animals. There is also the possibility that she might encounter a native palm civet, which is a much more powerful animal, or a dog.

The zoo conducted a self-inspection and drew up a search and rescue plan. The search is still ongoing. They will deliver the self-inspection results after the operation ends, and only then will we handle the follow-up processing.

Taipei Zoo is under the supervision of the Taipei City Department of Education. The department said it will wait until the search is over before establishing a notification standard and process for escaped animals. The zoo is planning to hold a general review at the end of the month. It also said Xiao Hong is a timid creature and is not a threat to people, other animals, or the environment. People are advised to maintain their distance if they spot her as well as inform the zoo immediately so that she can be returned home safely.


台北市立動物園熱帶雨林區長 翁紹益表示:「展示場的上島,移動到下島,然後揹著小朋友,沿著樓梯,進到水壕裡面。溢水柵欄,可能因為它是鐵欄杆狀的,可能造成牠(小食蟻獸),有機會借力使力,就翻過去了那個鐵柵欄。」


台北市立動物園發言人 曹先紹表示:「(除人力之外)也去設了八組的誘捕籠,還有八組的自動照相機。這麼多的努力量之下,我們還是沒有找到任何小食蟻獸,在我們目前佈點的範圍內活動的跡象。熱帶的動物,可是到了目前為止,天氣對牠們越來越不利,(如果)碰到我們本土的白鼻心,白鼻心的攻擊力,是比小食蟻獸要強很多,更不要講,如果碰到狗。」

台北市教育局主秘 陳素慧表示:「園內有做過相關的檢討,而且訂了搜救計畫,目前也還在搜救,搜救告一個段落,(園方)將他們的檢討內容送來,我們才會做後續相關的處理。」