Chair of VAC Called Enoch Wu a "Scum" |吳怡農提"在家當兵"想法 馮世寬怒批渣男

Chairperson of the Veterans Affairs Council Feng Shih-kuan uttered the word "scum" after the New Frontier Foundation Deputy CEO Enoch Wu said every citizen can serve military service at home. Feng later said he did not remember use the strong language.

He's a scum, do not listen to him.

Chairperson of the Veterans Affairs Council Feng Shih-kuan made the harsh comment before his interpellation at the Legislative Yuan on October 15. The strong word was referring to Enoch Wu, the Deputy CEO of the New Frontier Foundation, the Democratic Progressive Party's think tank, after he suggested that military service should start from the community and that everyone could be a soldier at home. As a supporter of citizen national defense, Feng obviously dismissed Wu's suggestion, but seemed to have forgot about the "scum" word after he took the podium.

What I meant was just ignore his statements. Did I say scum? I don't remember saying scum. He is a wise, young man, but I disapprove some of his opinions which have deviated from the main subject. I think the most important thing for us right now is for every citizen to join the national defense system.

Feng further clarified that the scum remark wasn't directed at Wu personally and what he meant was that Wu's plan was not worth considering. On the issue of national defense, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) did a survey on whether the American people would support the U.S. military in defending the island due to the current tensions between Taiwan and China. Results showed that many Americans supported the idea. However, Feng has a different opinion.

In my opinion, just ignore the media coverage (on the cross-straits relationships.) I speak of the truth, I was once the Deputy Director of Military Intelligence, what I came across was different from what the media says in the news.

Feng's comments seemed to deny the possibility of the U.S. offering military support to Taiwan. On another related national defense issue, as the Provisional Act of Promoting Military Recruitment System will soon be expired, lawmakers questioned whether the Veterans Affairs Council would carry out a periodic review on the results. In response, Feng said more than 8,000 military personnel have retired this year so far, which is considered low. The effectiveness of the Act still needs to be observed.

退輔會主委 馮世寬:「那是個渣男,不要聽他的!」


退輔會主委 馮世寬表示:「我的意思是說,不要理他,我講渣男了嗎?我不記得我講渣男,他是一個充滿智慧的年輕人,但是他一些想法,我覺得偏離主題,我極不喜歡。我覺得我們現在最重要的事情,要全民國防。」


國民黨立委 溫玉霞 vs. 退輔會主委 馮世寬表示:「我認為(就台海的關係)新聞都不要看。真的,我講真話,我當過情報次長,我看的東西跟新聞都不一樣。」