Over Half a Million Gather in Tainan to Watch Fireworks|50萬人爭看國慶煙火 超過南市府估2.5倍

This year's National Day fireworks show was held in Tainan, and attracted over 500,000 people. The Tainan City Government's initial estimate for turnout was around 200,000, which meant the number of people that showed up was 2.5 times higher. To get everything back to normal, the city government mobilized over 1,000 people to clean up the area.

Over half a million people descended upon Tainan to watch this year's 33-minute National Day fireworks extravaganza. The city government was only expecting around 200,000, and roads in and around Anping were jammed until midnight.

Two shuttle routes were running: one between Tainan's rail and high-speed rail stations, and the other between various parking lots around the city. The first got caught in the traffic jam like other cars.

They didn't have queuing lines set up. You don't know where to go to line up. (Are there enough shuttles?) Probably, but flow is a complete mess.

There are so many people. (Are there enough shuttles?) I don't think so.

Anping's old streets are very narrow, so it's hard to keep traffic flowing. The situation was better in areas like where the parking lots are. Traffic dispersed before midnight.

As expected, the congestion led to a torrent of complaints from the public. The Tainan City Government sent over 1,000 maintenance workers to Anping at 5:30 a.m. on the 11th to clean up the area.

We sent over 1,200 maintenance workers over to pick up trash. They collected around 140 to 150 tons of trash, and around 11 tons of recyclables.

This was Tainan's first time hosting the National Day fireworks extravaganza. Mayor Huang Wei-cher apologized on Facebook for the traffic issues.



民眾表示:「外面沒有先拉線,要排隊的動線怎排?(接駁車夠嗎?) 應該是夠,但是動線,整個亂掉了!」

民眾表示:「人這麼多!(接駁車夠嗎?) 好像不太夠吧!」

台南市交通局公運處長 吳俁之表示:「安平老街,道路比較狹小,所以交通擁擠狀況之下,車子的調度,比較不容易。後續調度大量車子進來,也調度其他路線。停車場那邊狀況比較好路線,車輛進來之後,大概就漸漸比較順利,12點之前,都有把人潮疏散完。」


台南市政府環保局長 謝世傑表示:「我們總共動員了,超過1200人次以上的清潔人力。我們清出來的垃圾,大概140噸到150噸之間。資源回收物的部分,大概有11噸。」