Video of Lee Meng-chu Admitting Guilt Surfaces|李孟居央視認罪 稱被枋寮鄉長騙去香港

Pingtung County Fangliao Township advisor Lee Meng-chu disappeared in 2019. He reappeared for the first time on a Chinese media show on Oct. 11 as he was accused by China of espionage. Before the camera, Lee admitted his guilt.

First of all, I apologize for the many bad things I have done in the past. These things may have harmed the motherland and country. I think violence is wrong.

In August 2019, Fangliao Township advisor Lee Meng-chu disappeared in Shenzhen after a trip to Hong Kong. On the 11th, a video of Lee apologizing and admitting guilt was shown on a China Network Television news program. In the video, Lee said he was tricked into taking part in pro-democracy activities in Hong Kong by Fangliao Township Chief Chen Ya-ling and confessed that he filmed armed police in Shenzhen to endanger Chinese national security. China has released transcripts of conversations between Chen and Lee.

(Chen Ya-ling) told me he couldn't go because he couldn't get the time off. I didn't think too much of it until later on. He knew it would be risky and tricked me into going.

This kind of tactic of forcing him to say things he doesn't want to say goes against legal procedure and shouldn't be used. He is a simple businessman. It's simply bad luck that the Chinese Communists decided to use him in this way. This is highly regrettable.

Chen is calling on China to release Lee and says it was a political move to release the video one day after the ROC's National Day. The Mainland Affairs Council, meanwhile, lodged a protest while accusing China of a malicious political stunt.

This is a malicious political stunt by China, framing and accusing our people of espionage. Their motives are disgusting. The Mainland Affairs Council is formally calling on the Communist Party of China to stop its unprovoked framing and convicting of our people.

The council says China should stop ignoring the judicial process, while Vice President William Lai said the government will help Lee's family.

Anyone can see this is manufactured drama created by a forced confession. The government will provide assistance for Lee and his family.

I don't know too much about the situation, but we care a lot about any act that may be a violation of human rights.

Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung says Taiwan's freedom and democracy are very precious and China's actions are harming cross-strait relations.

屏東縣枋寮鄉鄉政顧問 李孟居:「首先,很抱歉,過去做了很多不好的錯事,也對祖國、對國家,或許有些傷害,我覺得暴力,是絕對不對的。」


屏東縣枋寮鄉鄉政顧問 李孟居:「他(陳亞麟)那個時候跟我說,因為他沒有請到假。我那時候沒有想太多,後來我才覺得不太對勁,是他早就知道有危險了,儘量把我送過來、騙過來這樣子。」

屏東縣枋寮鄉長 陳亞麟表示:「不應該用這樣子,不符合法定程序的方式,讓他去說出,他不願意說的話。他只是一個非常單純的商人,從事望眼鏡的生意。當然很不巧,就是被中共拿來,做這樣一個不當的政治操作,這是我們很遺憾的事。」


陸委會副主委 邱垂正表示:「這是對岸惡意政治炒作,誣陷我方人員,從事間諜行為,其動機令人不齒。陸委會要正告中共當局,停止以構陷、編造入罪的手法,無端栽贓我方人民。」


副總統 賴清德表示:「任誰都可以看得出來,這是中國玩押人在先,強迫告白在後的戲碼。政府會協助他的家人,提供給李孟居本人,必要的協助。」

前總統 馬英九表示:「實情我不太了解,但是任何可能侵犯人權的事情,我們都會關切。」


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