Japanese Chamber Wants Taiwan to Lift Food Import Ban|日本工商會白皮書 促台廢除日核食管制 - 公視新聞網

Japanese Chamber Wants Taiwan to Lift Food Import Ban|日本工商會白皮書 促台廢除日核食管制

The head of National Development Council Kung Ming-hsin received a white paper from Japan, which called on Taiwan to allow Japan's food export from near the Fukushima area. Kung did not answer media questions.

In its 2020 white paper, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Taipei discussed ways to deepen bilateral cooperation in the face of the global pandemic. The chamber also said it would ask the Japanese government to support Taiwan's participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and sign relevant agreements with Taiwan.

We hope Taiwan can join the CPTPP. We also hope to promote an EPA and FTA with Japan. Therefore, we call on Taiwan to rectify its unilateral industrial restrictions and regulations that are inconsistent with international practice. Taiwan should also strengthen its investment protections.

As the Tsai administration has decided to lift the import ban on US meat containing Ractopamine, the chamber called for the lifting of the import ban on so-called "radiation food" from the Fukushima area.

(Last year), we held talks with Taiwan's government on this issue. The stance of the President Tsai Ing-wen administration was not a definite, complete no. They said they would take a proactive, forward-looking approach in future discussions.

The president mentioned today that we still hope to join relevant CPTPP functions and that we should look to see how we connect with the international community and how we can do this from a legal standpoint. I think all of the government agencies will proceed in an appropriate way. (What about "radiation food?") (This issue, there still needs to be some differentiation.) If you want to ask some other question, I will answer. This kind of response -- I'm done answering your questions.

Asked whether the recent skirmish between a Taiwanese fishing boat and the Japanese Coast Guard would affect Japan's stance on Taiwan, the chamber said it would not answer hypothetical or political questions.


台北市日本工商會理事長 大惠修司表示:「希望台灣加入,以CPTPP為代表的大範圍經濟夥伴協定,以及推動,與日本簽訂經濟夥伴協定EPA、自由貿易協定FTA事宜。因此,請求改正,不符各產業國際慣例之獨自管制,或規則,並加強對於投資之保護。」


台北市日本工商會理事長 大惠修司表示:「(去年)就曾與台灣政府,談論過這議題。蔡英文政府的立場,是對這議題,絕不是完全否決的態度,而是以積極往前看的態度,進行協商。」

記者 vs. 國發會主委 龔明鑫表示:「總統今天有特別提到,我們還是希望,在可以尋求加入CPTPP相關的一些,怎麼樣跟國際接軌的一些相關法令,我想各部會,他們應該會妥善的去處理。(核食的部分,其實這個東西,還是需要有一些區分?)你要問其他的問題,我就回答,這樣的回答,我已經回答完了。」