Man Riding Scooter on Freeway Causes Major Accident|機車騎上國道蛇行 導致9部汽車連環撞

A nine-vehicle collision occurred on the northbound lanes of National Freeway No. 1's Taishan Road section on Oct. 5. It was caused by a man in his 40s who rode a scooter onto the freeway and was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

A man wearing a helmet and holding a lit cigarette in one hand rides a scooter onto National Freeway No. 1. He changes lanes repeatedly. A National Highway Police Bureau patrol car approaches with the siren on and tells him to move to the shoulder. He waves his hand, and begins zigzagging. A small pickup truck then hits him.

The motorist's foot was crushed under the scooter. While our colleague was trying to extract him, a large oncoming vehicle hit the pile. Our colleague jumped to the outside of the protective barrier and suffered abrasions on his hand and foot.

The police placed traffic cones to warn oncoming vehicles. However, a semi-trailer was not able to brake in time and hit the pile. All in all, nine vehicles collided, causing traffic to back up. A truck driver, a semi-trailer driver, and a highway police officer sustained light injuries and were sent to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The motorist was also sent to a hospital and had the severest injuries out of the four.

The primary issues are cerebral hemorrhage and fractures to his facial bones. We have concerns that there are other injuries to his abdomen and we're still examining him.

Two highway police officers heroically dragged the motorist to outside the protective barrier after he was hit, saving his life. A preliminary investigation showed the driver entered the freeway via the Linkou interchange. The driver is conscious and his breathalyzer test result was zero. He remains under observation in an emergency room, and is facing a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$6,000 for illegally driving onto a freeway. His zigzagging and driving with one hand actions are considered dangerous driving, which means he can be fined an additional NT$24,000 at the most.


國道警察局第一公路警察大隊交通組組長 盧瑞堯表示:「騎士被摩托車壓住了,腳被壓住了。所以我們也有同仁,要把他拉出來的時候,後方的一個大型車,就再追撞上來,我們同仁再跳到那個護欄外,腿跟手有挫傷。」


林口長庚醫院主治醫師 黃仁甫表示:「主要是腦出血跟顏面骨骨折,目前我們是擔心他腹部,有其他的受傷,還在做檢查。」

兩名國道員警在騎士被撞倒第一時間,奮力把人拖到護欄外,保住他性命,國道警察初步研判,騎士應該是從林口交流道騎上國道,目前騎士的意識清楚,酒測值為 0,還留在急診室觀察傷勢。他違規騎車上國道,將面臨3千到6千罰款,蛇行加上單手騎車已構成危險駕駛,最重可再加罰兩萬四千元。