More Entertainers Show Support for China|藝人賴冠霖&官鴻 亦為中國國慶宣傳 - 公視新聞網

More Entertainers Show Support for China|藝人賴冠霖&官鴻 亦為中國國慶宣傳

The Republic of China Military Academy celebrated the 70th anniversary of its reestablishment on Sept. 29. In a speech, former Army Commander-in-Chief Chen Ting-chong said he is a "Chinese person." Meanwhile, entertainer Lai Kuan-lin spoke in the Beijing dialect in a promotional video for China and said he is in "Taiwan, China."

The Republic of China Military Academy marked the 70th anniversary of its reestablishment with a grand celebration. Former Army Commander-in-Chief Chen Ting-chong gave a speech, during which he criticized the Democratic Progressive Party administration and said he is a Chinese person.

I am a Chinese person, and I am proud of what that stands for. What's sorrowful is that there are quite a few degenerates among the Chinese people who dishonor their ancestors because they want to be lackeys of the United States and Japan.

Cross-strait relations are currently non-existent, and Chinese military planes have encircled Taiwan numerous times in recent months. Chen did not think highly of Taiwan's defensive capabilities, saying Taiwan's military strength is "zero" and it will not be able to do anything against the People's Liberation Army. In response, the Mainland Affairs Council said it was highly disappointed by Chen's statements. It criticized him for using language inappropriate to cross-strait relations in a public setting and accused him of hurting the feelings of the people of Taiwan.

The Mainland Affairs Council wishes to express its deep disappointment with the outrageous words expressed by Mr. Chen Ting-chong. There is no direct connection between Mr. Chen Ting-chong's inappropriate words and subsidized students.

Chen currently serves as a board member of Huadong Taiwan Businessman's School, which receives NT$60 million in subsidies from the government every year. Some legislators have called on the Ministry of Education to assess whether the subsidies should be continued. In other news, Taiwanese entertainers Lai Kuan-lin and Darren Chen performed at a National Day concert. Lai also spoke the Beijing dialect in a promotional video for China.

I'm Lai Kuan-lin. I'm waiting for you in Taiwan, China.

China-based Taiwanese entertainer Michael Huang posted on Weibo about celebrating China's National Day. Meanwhile, an Internet celebrity waved the Chinese flag in front of Taipei 101. These successive displays of pro-China behavior have upset some people. Former Taipei County Magistrate Chou Hsi-wei said people still need to respect the Republic of China as their motherland.

If you are a Republic of China national, then you should respect the Republic of China as your motherland. That's my viewpoint, but people have the freedom to make their own decisions.

Chou also commented on Taiwan entertainer Ouyang Nana performing during China's National Day celebrations, saying the issue was controversial due to the song she performed and the occasion and she is responsible for her future development. Chou also advised the DPP government to let this go for the sake of cross-strait peace and interaction, saying if you regard the other side as your enemy, then the other side won't be your friend.


前陸軍總司令 陳廷寵:「我是中國人,是驕傲的象徵,悲哀的是,中華民族仍有不少敗類,不顧祖宗的榮耀,要做美、日的走狗。」


陸委會發言人 邱垂正表示:「陸委會對於陳廷寵先生,離譜失格言行,表達高度的遺憾。陳廷寵先生個人的不當言行,與補助學生,這並無直接關連。」


台灣藝人 賴冠霖:「我是賴冠霖,我在中國台灣等你。」


前台北縣長 周錫瑋表示:「如果是中華民國的國民,還是要尊重中華民國,是他的祖國,這是我的立場。但是許多人的決定權,我覺得是他自己的決定權。」