Taiwan Entertainers Take Part in China Celebration|中國十一國慶 歐陽娜娜唱"我的祖國"惹議

The Mainland Affairs Council and Ministry of Culture said they would "pay close attention" to Taiwan entertainer Ouyang Nana's performance at China's National Day celebrations. Premier Su Tseng-chang said he would be "concerned" if she became controlled by China.

Taiwan entertainer Ouyang Nana shared the stage with Hong Kong entertainers Simon Yam and Kara Wai and sang the song "My Motherland" during China's National Day extravaganza that aired on CCTV on Sept. 30.

If friends come, there is fine wine.

The amount of time spent featuring China's famous attractions exceeded the amount of airtime that Ouyang received.

Under the same moonlight, my thoughts never change.

Meanwhile, entertainer Angela Chang took part in a group performance of the disease prevention song "Protect." During close-ups of Ouyang and Chang, the words on the screen said they came from "Taiwan, China." The show was taped in advance, so netizens started accusing the two of them of lip-syncing.

Protect the love.

The Mainland Affairs Council and Ministry of Culture are paying close attention to the fact that Taiwan entertainers chose to sing patriotic Chinese songs during China's National Day celebration and promised to investigate them thoroughly.

This council reminds the people of Taiwan that they should not hurt the feelings of the people of Taiwan. Those who participate in the Chinese Communist Party's National Day celebrations are tools in the united front waged by China against Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan Affairs Office criticized the Democratic Progressive Party administration for trumping up false charges.

The Democratic Progressive Party authorities will threaten those Taiwan persons interested in engaging in cross-strait exchanges at the drop of a hat. All you can say is that they are trumping up false charges.

Premier Su Tseng-chang responded that China has no qualifications whatsoever to speak about liberty and democracy. He said Taiwan is a democratic country that is ruled by law, and no one can go against the provisions of the law without being punished.

There are many Chinese performers who disappeared because they went against the party. I'm actually quite concerned about Ouyang Nana. She's such a young girl. What will become of her if she becomes controlled by China? Perhaps she can consult the words that her father spoke in the series "The Blue and the Black."

Uncle Zheng now needs to rely on the Chinese Communist Party. It's like a moth flying into a flame.

In "The Blue and the Black," Ouyana Nana's father Ouyang Long played a staunch opponent of communism, and the premier attempted to use these words spoken by a fictional character to send a message to Ouyang Nana.








陸委會發言人 邱垂正表示:「本會要呼籲國人,不應傷害台灣民眾的情感,參加中共十一國慶相關活動,淪為中共對台統戰的樣板工具。」


中國國台辦發言人 馬曉光表示:「民進黨當局,動輒對與大陸交往的台灣民眾,進行威脅恐嚇。只能說是,欲加之罪何患無辭。」


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「中國的藝人,因為違背他黨的意識,消失的也所在多有,所以我也滿關心,像歐陽娜娜這樣年輕的小女生,她如果受制於中國,以致於會有什麼下場?也許她的爸爸演的電影(電視劇),"藍與黑"裡面,那些對白可以參考。」



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