Bus Passenger Barely Escapes Being Caught in Door|客運靠站拿行李 婦人險遭行李艙門夾傷

A passenger riding on a Ho-Hsin bus escaped injury when the luggage compartment door closed without warning while she was retrieving her luggage. She jumped into the compartment to avoid being pinched in the door. When she complained to the bus company, the bus company admitted negligence and said it would offer its drivers more training.

This woman just barely escapes being injured by the door of the luggage compartment as it closes without warning.

The woman reacts quickly, jumping into the compartment. The driver immediately reopens the door and apologizes to the woman.

Witnesses to the near-accident say they were shocked by what happened.

So I try to get my place in line and then put (my luggage) in. The driver should pay more attention to passengers handling their luggage.

The driver is usually watching. Right. The footage seemed to show (the driver) wasn't paying attention.

When a bus stops and the driver flashes either the right or left turn signal, the bus' CCTV automatically switches to the vision-based driver assistance system so the driver doesn't have to get off the bus to see if any passengers are retrieving their luggage.

This happened due to a momentary lapse by the driver. However, he saw what happened immediately -- that the passenger was in danger -- and reopened the door immediately.

There is usually someone helping with luggage at the first and last stops, but not along the bus route. The bus company has apologized to the woman and says it will step up driver training.







和欣客運台南區主任 洪文正表示:「駕駛的一時疏忽,才發生這樣子的事件。不過呢,駕駛馬上立即有發現,乘客快被夾住狀況,然後有立即再開啟行李箱。」