Penghu Ferry Interns Get Mass Food Poisoning|台華輪疑諾羅群聚 澎湖海事54生上吐下瀉

A cluster infection of norovirus has been traced to a Taihua ferry that runs between Kaohsiung and Makong. Fifty-four students interning on the ferry have symptoms. The ferry and hotel have been disinfected and samples have been taken from two of the students and two kitchen workers for testing.

Taihua ferry workers disinfect the cabin. On the 10th, 54 of 86 Penghu Vocational High School students interning on the ferry got food poisoning. Officials believe this is a norovirus cluster infection.

The Department of Health immediately launched an investigation and took environmental samples. We also took food and environmental samples from the bento store and inspected their kitchen.

We will not shirk our responsibilities. If there are any relevant test reports that come back in the future, we will help with the investigation.

The department says the group from the school ordered bento boxes from a bento chain on the evening of the 9th and began suffering symptoms of food poisoning shortly afterwards. The next day, the department launched an investigation and took samples from the kitchen, kitchen staff, and students for testing. The hotel the students stayed at has been disinfected.

Our tally of students and teachers that tested positive, that experienced vomiting and diarrhea, stands at 54. There was one class where every single student was participating, so that class has been suspended. Other students with symptoms that are getting treated have been asked to stay home.

School officials say one class has been suspended and any students with symptoms should stay home.


高市府衛生局處長 何惠彬表示:「衛生局也立即進行相關的疫情調查,以及環境採檢的一個動作。也針對這個外送便當,便當店的部分,進行食物以及環境,還有廚工的現場疫調,還有採檢的工作。」

台華輪經理 張晉瑋表示:「我們是絕對不會推卸責任,那如果後續有甚麼相關的檢驗報告出來,我們會配合調查。」


澎湖海事水產職業學校祕書 郭致誠表示:「我們有統計的,實際有就診有上吐下瀉反應,師生加起來有54位。因為有一個班級,他們是全班參加,所以只有他們班是全班請假。那其他有症狀、有就醫的同學,我們就讓他請假,在家休息。」

校方表示 ,目前最嚴重的一班 是有整班停課的情形,也請其他有症狀的學生 先在家休息,等檢體報告書出來後,再進行後續的協助。